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Megan's Quest Part 3of7
'A magical lock?' Groaned Graygall in a voice of defeat. 'We are doomed before even we are set to advance. To defeat Trolls would be an almost impossible feat but with Troll magic we haven't a chance.' Slaygon replied, 'None of us have the necessary skill to even come close to picking a magical lock. So I'm afraid what we need if you've got the will is to find at least one or more Talkalots.' They all lowered their heads and let out a sigh as such a thought was cause for distress. And none would be happy about having an ally who might be more trouble than words can express. As everyone knows they rarely make sense as they are prone to talk scuttlebutt. But they are warmhearted creatures and in their defense a Talkalot is still considered quite nuts. Blender was first to speak, 'I can be of some service as I have a vague idea of what a Talkalot may say. The trick is to listen politely and not make them nervous or they will yammer on for most of the day.' Now Graygall was stunned and most unsure of their goal. 'I can't believe you would think it was smart. Because when a Talkalot panics he will lose all control and will let loose the most thunderous of farts.' 'If stealth be our game and we hope to remain in one piece to save the poor Tailor. So forget all this talk unless you wish to be slain or end up with the Troll King as your jailer.' Slaygon replied, 'If we decide on this action I freely admit it will be a challenge to have one behave. But they are loyal and kind and ripe to commit to a duty where they may be righteous and brave.' The decision was made and most would agree to find a Talkalot who might consider the task. One who would show courage and not prone to flee but stand fast and do all that they ask. So Slaygon and Blender with Megan aside were directed to Pepper Hill and a house made of pine. Where they were told a Talkalot with strange powers resides who to their cause may be slightly inclined. They knocked on the door and a voice full of cheer answered, 'To those who creep at my door. Please come ye all in and empty a steer while shades of gummy drops play on my floor.' Megan was intrigued at the Talkalot's sharp eyes and his nature seemed happy and bright. Though his ears and nose were a much bigger size, the proportions were still far from right. His hair was wild like a sheep and needed a comb while his clothes were a strange color and style. But he gave forth a warm glow upon opening his home and there was no denying such a wonderful smile. The Talkalot spoke, 'I have been to the moon for some cheese and seen things to make a Miller panic and jump. But sad news is now given to provide a small tease and for my coffee is given two lumps.' 'When a good shoe is taken and no longer found it is only right to placate to the chase. And when two smaller shoes are seen hanging around, it is important to keep up with the pace.' Blender let out a sigh as he was determined to try as he did not want to offend. As most Talkalots were prone to live all alone and saw everyone they met as a friend. Blender turned to Megan and quietly said, 'The Talkalot has heard of you and your Brother. And is concerned of the dangers that fill you with dread from this quest that you take with the others.' In a more whispered tone the Talkalot slowly spoke out, 'I do not dwell by the light of what others may see. And since I cannot make out what the music's about it is better to avoid the things that are free.' Blender kept an expression to give the impression that he understood what had made the Talkalot nervous. But the best he could do was to give Megan direction that the Talkalot was unsure how to be of some service. 'Tell him about the magical lock,' said Megan in instant delight. and at that moment the Talkalot's ears started to wiggle. His eyes grew large and he became an even more comical sight as he rubbed his hands and let forth a small giggle. 'If I be understanding this talk of a magical lock to be mine should I dare to be skillful and clever. And when carrots and beans are there to sweeten the pot then a Talkalot should be set to join the endeavor.' 'For a magical lock is like an onion to weld up my eyes and give a purpose to one who is equally divided. So now that I join in a quest where loneliness dies and to a key master who now is provided.' Blender exclaimed, 'The Talkalot has accepted the mission and will bring us good fortune like stars in the Heaven. We will find him to be a most wanted addition as our company now numbers a more comfortable seven.' Slaygon thought Blender to be losing proportion and forgetting the most significant part. The Talkalots though brave are prone to distortion so when nervous have a tendency to fart. But the thought was quickly neglected as the Talkalot gathered some food and some wine. And together they hurried to where the company collected at the Inn where the others were biding their time. End of Part 3/7 For those who may be interested. I will be posting my cartoon 'Bob's your Uncle' on my homepage. A new one will appear every second day.
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