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Comical Genetic Re-Engineering
After passing away or not we may be "Re-Engineered" "Genetically"into being an"Ant",rat,cat,dog,fly,or what ever living creature the "Creator" decides for us to be!!!!"everybody will have some kind of "Eternal Life",and some kind of "Immortality"!Why does the "Dog" chase the "Cat"? Why does the "Cat" chase the "Rat"?Why won't "Poets" entertain ,and get fortune and fame? The "Creator" may "Re-Engineer" a "Law Judge" who has become a "Criminal" into being an "Elephant" to continue to make him or her relevant to life itself?A "Human being" who shows kindness,compassion,love,and empathy may be "Re-Engineered" by our creator to become an"Angel" in "Heaven"? Being a "Doctor" who saves "Life""Re-Engineering" is a part of a "Doctors Life"!!! The "Doctor" might have to "Re-Engineer" his "Wife"? I am a "Doctor Poet" and that is why "I Write"!!!!The "Brain Surgeon" who teaches us to exercise our "Brains" may be able to "Re-Engineer" his "Own Brain" and be the "First" man to do a "Brain Transplant"? The young child who was taught by his parents to be a "Criminal Racist" may be "Re-Engineered" into being a new human being who fights for the equality of all,and equal rights for human kind?We really need to seek "The Master True" in whatever we may do!!! The "Master True" is the catalyst that lets us do the things we do!The caterpillar is an example of reality "Re-Engineering",and we can realize what "Re-Engineering" means! Re-Engineering is going on and can be seen,microscopically,and by many other different means! I "Re-Engineer" this "Poem" at this scene! Do you see what I mean?We see a "Butterfly" fly right before our very eyes and it was "Re-Engineered" from that "Caterpillar",and became a "Butterfly"and in the process it did not "Die"!!!! It was alive and it became a "Butterfly"!!!! Things sometimes happen in "The Twinkling of an Eye" when that "Caterpillar" became a "Butterfly"!!!!!! Water may be able to be "Re-Engineered" into "Fire",and then a person may be able to get a job and be hired if he or she can"Re-Engineer "Water into Fire"? We had a discussion on "Nuclear Combustion,and we decided that "Re-Engineering" was in question,and we really needed some new suggestions! We needed to use more empathy in any suggestion!!! The idea was "Concocked",and no one "Blocked It"! I love what I have got to be!"Immortality"Re-Engineered me!This is what "The Master True" can do!He can put a"MOJO" in me and you! "The Master True"!"Hallelujah"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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