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Hey, Haji, it's Johnny, I've a new game, so come on over. Okay Johnny I'll be right over, I'm leaving now, see you soon. I wonder what sort of new game that he has, most intriguing. Hi there Haji. So where is this new game, it is most exciting. Come in here quickly, or they'll see ya! Who will see me Johnny? (Barking) Quiet Bandit, or they'll hear ya! Who'll hear us? Ahem! Just as I suspected...Johnny, you've tricked me again! Where's the Professor? Dad's in the lab. What's up, Johnny? Dad's been in the lab all morning, and when I went over, He talked with Race about something to do with the two of us? I couldn't hear clearly. The birds were chirping. Most intriguing? Why I am included? Were they speaking unmoving or exciting? Well, since it is about you and me, we will learn about it soon. Hope it is a good thing for we have done some bad, the both of us. I hear ya Haji, I don't wanna be a bad kid. That's not very exciting. Maybe we broke a thing in dad's lab and he's mad? Most intriguing! Or perhaps all of this is for naught? Do you think so Johnny? Yeah, it's just a big ado, whether it's good or bad, it'll be over. All of this wondering and pondering, we do this time and again. Seems that trouble follows like a shadow, I say, most intriguing. But I must agree with you, all of this hubbub, I say, 'tis exciting. Believe you me, if it'd be rain or shine, you're still my friend Johnny. Thanks Haji! You're still my friend too! Don't worry, it'll be over soon. How do you know that? Race is coming to the door, he'll be calling us. Oh he's heading out the back door! I wonder where he's going again? He came back before with a big bag and some other stuff--(intriguing) I wonder what sort of stuff they'd be, whilst there'd be talk of us? Yes, indeed, why would that be? A twist of a story, should be exciting. I hope so Haji, I don't want to disappoint dad. Don't worry Johnny. We'll wait till Race comes back, and face the music, it'll end soon. There's Race, (barking), quiet Bandit--oh, too late, he saw us. Stay away from the lab, don't go too far, we'll call the both of you soon. What's going on? I can't, just do as I say! Don't let me say it again. Say, was that new game to be nothing but ruse to get me, Johnny? Yeah Haji, sorry. Dad! Okay boys come on in, it's going to be exciting. (Dad & Race) Happy Birthday! I forgot 'tis my birthday! Most intriguing! 'Tis exciting to say again, Happy Birthday Johnny! 'Twas entangled in the flurry, 'twas naught about us, per se, soon a year passes then it'll be over. (Barking) Thanks Bandit! Haji 'tis the new game--most intriguing! Date: 06/09/2019
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