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Listening to NonPrevention
For future reference, it might be best if I give up radio listening when going out to take a rest from domestic and national and international climate mess. Arrested gardening yesterday. We need more mulch fragrant as a hemlock forest retreat, we are and yet become when in our wildly therapeutic naturally domesticated sit together and stand less adversely apart, and weed and mulch sanctuaries. So, today I hear with smug dismay, I'm nearly free enough to say, MeToo consultants and angry victims despair of teaching coaches, clergy parents and not quite legal/moral guardians how to protect against sexual predation, with something far short of therapeutic re-education. This reminds me, When experts developed anger management and mortal fear internal administration technique, They concluded diverse short-term counsel with lifetime mindfulness training, mindful multicultural listening and compassionate restorative justice speaking up and out for win/win health resolutions rather than win/lose suboptimal business as usual right-hemisphere suppressions. Kids with mental illness and substance and physical and soul abuse issues and pre-natal palsy and lack of school-based emotional intelligence (our list goes on without parental mercy), need not so much touch prevention policy wars but, yes, much more therapeutic touch enhancement peace policies for restoring co-impassioned healthy souls inside and out. In a run-away win/lose competitive culture, devouring any memories of win/win interdependent healthy families and leisurely together wealth of resiliently nourishing responsive relationships between adults, among interdependent adolescent peers, within old and young regenerations of compassionate passing together healing time Preventing win/lose predator harm relies first and most robustly on co-adventuring win/win mutual communication, transparent invitations into co-empathic change vulnerable curious to psychically touch to listen to to speak respectfully and delightedly with interdependent sacramental regenerations of every mundane day's left cognitive commitment to healthy right emotive relationship co-empowering communion within interdependent Earth. Restoring justice to adult-child relationships cannot be primally rooted in punishing past injustices, unrighteousness, sins of our Fathers, furthering retributive punishments, anger, fear, loss, suffering... To build a healthier systemic resolution of our growing epidemic, feed and water and mulch therapeutic touch of voices, respectful hands, good health-humored minds, sore and needy muscles for optimal Earth regeneration. Mindful thoughts and behaviors and feelings cannot grow robustly from autonomous ego identity but from interdependent eco/ego outside/inside compassion.
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