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The Truth About ADHD
Growing up with ADHD forces you to adapt, impulsive behaviour controls how you react, attention span wanders and naturally distracts, you face an impact, that in fact, doesn't change how you act. Turns your face red but still you face it, hear your words with the rest, instant regret, impulse isn't decided, just happens, autopilot, not stupid nor clever, just different in us lot. It's unfiltered thinking displayed as actions, it's not attention seeking for self satisfaction, it's not dumb and it's not smart, it's just the way that we are. Most sort the thoughts they have and choose to let one out, and when they are thinking I bet funny thoughts come about, but they prevent them being known, aware with no doubt, whilst our funny thoughts unfiltered get shout. In our head the thought's interesting, overshadows the wrong, in our head it's unique, say it now or it's gone. We seek the funny, interesting, unique and the new, find boring common thinking, we are not like you. Sometimes we speak unfinished thoughts and seem senseless, it's because the thought isn't finished but there's something in the sentence, yet it's so far from correct we look strange and odd, remember we don't select or allow these words leave our gob. When I speak impulsive stupid I'm aware of the embarrassment, so I quickly control a stupid to distract what just went, act stupid in control turning embarrass to entertainment, I link up the impulsive with intent as if it was all meant. Like I said the first bit to continue after, now in someway I have control of their laughter, asserting my quick wit to avert disaster, impulsive thinking turns clever and faster, but the unfiltered impulsive burst will always blurt first, it will always get heard cause opinions absurd. So the stupid appears then you correct it, you didn't select or choose to direct it, but you can be quick and inflict a fix, do it slick but the first impact so thick. The words heard not the only thought that occured, we think faster unfiltered and this sees us altered. Happening all the time the impact declines, more embarrassing for your head than mine, you don't practice the quick fix that entwines, I adapted to this and became a mastermind. ADHD minds don't go slow or stop, they do face disaster and crash quite a lot, they let out strange odd thoughts and seem shot, but in any one second, thoughtless they are not. YOUR CHOICE(9),any form,any theme Brian Strand written 3rd June 2019
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