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Liberal LeftWings of Flight
It has been said Charles Darwin was not happy with leftbrain's Survival of the Fittest without rightbrain's ecosystemic health roots in Thrival of the Fit-in-ingest, Which Bateson, and other systemic ecologists, would later call interdependent co-acclimation, and Jane Gordon politically theorizes rare histories of win/win creolization with much healthier outcomes and wealthier too, than leftbrain's fascination with wealth-acquiring colonization. Foolish leftbrain dominance, so unaware history has regeneratively concluded there is no lasting resilient wealth without ecosystemic EarthClimate health. Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations produced similar unease about evolutionary theories denying the primally obvious Health of Interdependent NationStates through robust natural/spiritual Earth consciousness, co-passioning double-binding nonduality, like bipolar either Yang or Yin of reductive ZeroSum reasoning and dipolar both Yang with Yin of inductive ZeroSoul co-nurturing. While Adam Smith's leftbrain wrote, "The necessity of civil government grows up with the acquisition of valuable property... till there be property there can be no government, the very end of which is to secure wealth, and to defend the rich from the poor." His more interdependently ecosystemic rightbrain was feeling, "The opportunities of civilizing governance grow up and out with the acquisition of healthy synergetic properties of communal co-acclimation... till there be cooperatively integral properties there can be no ego/ecosystemically thriving co-governance, the very beginning through end of which is to secure health, and to defend the poor from the kleptocratic colonizations of the too leftbrain dominant rich." Where "capitalism permits wealth to purchase, own, and profit from natural resources," notes Kenneth Cloke's ecosystemic analysis, There also, integralism, integrity, invites health to invest in, to cooperatively own wealth, and resiliently benefit with nondual natural/spiritual resources, Not only LeftBrain "exhausting the land on which our food is produced," but also RightBrain feeding our soil-souls from which our sensory nutritional awareness is rooted and wombed; Not only "poisoning the water we drink and polluting the air we breathe," But also healing the living waters we consume and collaboratively purifying the air trees breathe and bicameral lungs digest ingest outgesture; Not merely "the sale and consumption of fossil fuels, irrevocably heating our planet, altering our weather, raising sea levels, extinguishing countless species and threatening the survival of millions, if not all"... But also re-investment in natural/spiritual left/right systems interdependently cooling our robust planet, re-acclimating our weather, re-lowering sea levels, cooperatively planting and nurturing countless species and fostering the thrival of ecosystemically resilient millions, if not all left/right yang/yin balancing anthro/eco-systemic life on secular/sacred deductive/inductive unfolding explicate/refolding implicately co-arising win/win binomial ZeroSoul compassion with Earth. Where leftbrain's either + or (-,-)1 is also rightbrain's resolution both + and (-,-)0-Soul, like positive psychology polynomials equivalently health/wealth valued as not-not polynomial neurologically interdependent polypathic web systems, inviting both wealthy rightbrain polyphonic co-passion and further leftbrain healthy curiosity.
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