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Flagan the Dragon Part2
The Tale of the Bumpalump After the Knight had unraveled...Flagan decided to travel and get away on a long holiday. He thought it quite grand to visit a new land and find a quiet Inn at which he could stay. He packed a few bags...then filled out some tags to prevent their loss or sale. Then completed his chores and locked all the doors and set out to walk on the trail. Flagan traveled along while humming a song surrounded by trees and a beautiful sky. There were Birds and Toads and a few Tripolodes and Skunks of monstrous size. He was enjoying the walk when he found a nice spot just right for a Dragon to lay. When he saw a bridge... far beyond the ridge that he could reach by the end of the day. After cresting the ridge...Flagan had reached the bridge and thought to rest on the other side. As even a Dragon like Flagan...whose butt was a draggin.' can get a little sleepy eyed. But he quickly turned about...when there rose a loud shout that caused his heart to jump. And who should he see?...From a hole in a tree emerged a real life Bumpalump. The Creature seemed typical for being thought mythical so this was quite a surprise. But to see one so fine and be the first of his line Flagan could hardly believe his eyes. Now the Bumpalump was small and not very tall and looked prone to an unruly mood. So Flagan thought to take care... and be well aware the Creature may be deceptive and shrewd. 'No one may pass beyond yonder grass,' the Bumpalump said with a boast. 'And a toll you must pay and believe what I say or I will boil your rump for a roast.' Flagan was mildly amused and slightly confused on how he could make such a threat. With a body so small...he was no threat at all to a Dragon the Bumpalump had just met. The Bumpalump said. 'You must pay for my bread and all the ale my person can drink. And you will surely cower... as my boundless powers may be unleashed with but a nod and a wink. I am not prone to bragging... but have eaten many a dragon who refused to give up the toll. So your Clan will be mourning... if you ignore my last warning and Helheim will not give up your soul.' 'I have to take you to I really must ask,' said Flagan to question his host. 'But I have to say...does anyone pay...a Bumpalump who is smaller than most?' The Bumpalump lowered his head as he was filling with dread and let out a mournful cry. 'If a sad truth be told... I am not very bold and most Creatures just brush me aside.' The Bumpalump though frail...continued his tale of a feeling of woe and despair. How he is so badly treated and most often cheated by many who no longer care. Now the Dragon felt sorry... for the Bumpalump's story so he gladly paid him the toll. And to that end...they both parted as friends and the Bumpalump returned to his hole. The Tale of the Chipmunk Now back on the trail to continue our tale Flagan had walked quite a sum. When sobbing was heard from a Chipmunk perturbed who was pacing and holding his bum. 'What is the issue?' While giving a tissue so the chipmunk could wipe off his nose. 'I would be happy to learn about your concern,' while Flagan wiped snot from his clothes. 'My Brothers are mean and go to extremes to make fun of the way that I walk. I threw out my back when I fell in a crack and since then they relentlessly mock.' Flagan was hopeful and a little bit boastful and told the lad to put away strife. As Brothers will tease and do what they please but will love you for all of your life. 'I see what you are saying,' the Chipmunk did ponder. 'And I hope you will have no objection. To talk to my Brothers and maybe some others about all this family rejection.' 'I would be happy to help,' the Dragon replied. 'Just take me to where they are found.' 'And during this season...I will give them a reason to be glad when I am no longer around.' Off to the meadow to meet with the Brothers and to keep the Chipmunk from harm. The walk would take quite a while...being over two miles so the Chipmunk rode on his arm. The Brothers were playing in clover...Flagan called them on over to explain their Brothers distress. And made it quite plain...he would come back again if the issue is not put to rest. Now when faced by a Dragon... their tongues started waggin' and they all promised to follow direction. Their Brother could get some respect and in this there would be no exception. The Brothers all scurried away to continue their play while Flagan watched from a far. But here the Dragon would rest ...before heading due west and sleep another night under the stars. Part 3 The Tales of the Duck and the Talkalot. *For those who might be interested. I will be posting my cartoon 'Bob's Your Uncle' on my homepage. A new one will appear every second day.
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