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To Hunt the Bugaboo
With the morning crisp and frosty and the Earth yearning for autumn's heat. Darkness gave way to a fractured dawn as the Sun rose in the East. The forest became warm and fervent while dappled grass lay beneath his feet. The Hunter gazed upon the forest to see old Walden's pond. And positioned at the water's edge, he looked to the sky beyond. Where he hoped to shoot a flock of Ducks before they could respond. When overhead he saw a Duck who landed near the shore. The Hunter knew to bide his time as he hoped for many more. The Duck would be his decoy which had worked the day before. The Duck swam lazily around the pond but something was not right And heard a rustle in the grass and thought it might take flight. When it saw a cap the Hunter wore which was orange and far too bright. The Duck went through its options and considered a different deed. And swam towards the Hunter who was hiding in some reeds. 'Come out and show yourself,' the Duck in voice decreed. 'What is your plan?' the Duck implored while the Hunter rose in shock. 'To bide my time,' the Hunter said. 'While waiting for your flock.' 'If that's the case,' the Duck replied. 'We should have a talk.' 'I'm loath to tell you of a Beast who lives and hunts beyond the rise. And though his howl is quite submissive, it masks a fearsome size. And no man has lived to tell the tale, which should come as no surprise.' 'Tell me about this Creature?' The Hunter said in haste. 'For if the Beast lives and breathes, there is no time to waste. For I vow before the night is through... it will be salted to my taste.' 'So if you think you're the man to slay this dreadful Beast. Not taken to fear and panic where your valor will decrease. I will take you to that place where the Bugaboo does feast.' The Hunter now had a great desire to travel and pursue. Where no effort would seem too great for the chance to slay the Bugaboo. And gather fame and fortune before the day is through. The Hunter followed close behind while the Duck would lead the way. In hopes to bag a Bugaboo before the end of day. His only thought was to its size and what the Beast would weigh? They traveled far into the forest where the Hunter had not been. With plants and trees of monstrous size with all different shades of green. They walked and tramped throughout the day but no Bugaboo was seen. 'Are you sure you know the way?' Said the Hunter to the Duck. 'I will admit,' the Duck replied. 'It takes a bit of luck. But I think we're close to its feeding grounds where Bugaboos run amok.' The Duck now spoke in whispered tones, 'Let me check your gun and sight. You will have but a single chance before the Beast takes flight. And if you miss, the time is late, he will eat us in the night.' The Duck froze in its tracks, its body wrought with fear. It turned slowly towards the Hunter, 'The Bugaboo is near.' But all the Hunter could see was a small white tailed Deer. 'Behind the Deer, the Bugaboo stands,' said the frightened Duck. 'You will kill the Beast if you fire now at the grazing Buck. So please be quick or our lives are lost if the Creature is not struck.' The Hunter fires and the gun explodes to make a ghastly sound. For the Duck had plugged the barrel with some stones that it had found. The Duck now turned to see the Man who lay dead upon the ground. It was not proud of the deed but thought it had been right. To protect its friends and family from the wrath of the Hunter's might. But now the Duck must hurry off as Bugaboos feast at night. The End *Follow my cartoon at Webtoon Bob's Your uncle.
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