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The World IS A Clown
The world is a clown looking at you up and down The world is a clown; the plane is about to touchdown Madness in the East, madness in the west And the north and the south are gallivanting in their Sunday best The world is a clown just look all around Donkeys on heat, horses on their feet People bleating in the street and jumping on the love street Nothing is new and I know that you will pull through The world is a clown they are dancing around The clock is ticking loud forcing me to move forward The world is a clown everyone is on the crowded playground Jack and Jill are gallivanting in Charlottetown And the drums are echoing all over the merry town Clowns masquerading in the street dressed in colored costume And carrying merry balloons Idlers digging up the concrete Cars, buses and trucks are honking their horn And a brand new day is dawn Big mouth big shout, the mass is moving about The heavens are in the jamboree And the planet is celebrating the glory The world is a big clown, just look around The novice has screwed up parts of the planet Can’t you see that the temperature is dancing up and down? The satellites are onward bound And the Russians are nowhere to be found A few people knows the route to space While some know the code to break through the gate The East has made a mess and debris is falling from the sky Disturbing the travelers as they pass by. The world is a clown beware of the imposture in town It’s too early to share the space technology with everybody The novices have no clue that what is missing is a big screw Some people have too much rain while others have no rain to cool down the sweltering heat and settle my heartbeat The space Job is still incomplete, patch the hole at the side and stop the drought and extreme temperature The world is a clown everyone is singing the same song Chinatown is around the corner playing poker with one dollar The crops are piled up at the shop waiting for the dollar charmer The world is a clown, open the door and laugh out loud Join the robust throng and march vigorously about the land The world is a clown look what they are doing all around The creator of the system is the breakers of the system The money maker is the money spender You who create the so called sin Why do you punish those who break the sin? Stoning fornicator and adulterer Whipping blasphemers and queer seducers For rubbing bricks against pricks And sticking bananas into peaches The world is a clown, running up and down See them dressed in long gowns and shaking hands Dressed in golden robes and golden hats They elevate themselves in high place And execute laws that oppress the human races. The world is clown and it is beating you to the grown The world is a clown sometimes it makes you frown The world is a clown don’t let it disappoints you You who build mansion, skyscrapers and towers You who occupy twenty percent of no man’s land Your thoughts are before you and your voice is whispering to you The world is clown and I am overblown No one can break the seal because there is no another deal It is already signed and rubber stamped but I can present the fake one and break loose out of the tormenting camp The world is a clown and the fairy godmother is back in town She is parading along the border trying to create some order People are moving back and forth some are jumping on ships looking eager to strengthen the estranged relationship The circus is back in town playing fiddle in their long gown The clowns are moving from town to town Beguiling sinners and seducing charmers The world is a clown so don’t let it wears you down
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