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The Old Man
An old man arose as most often do in a state of tension and stress. To the bathroom he ran... or was it the loo, his bladder he had to address. The old man was tired as he had slept not a wink, his bed was as hard as a rock. He stared in the mirror...which hung over the sink, his reflection was always a shock. The days slipped away. Where had the years gone? Father time had played quite a trick. His body lacked brawn... he was now Nature's pawn and spent most of his time being sick. No meat for his breakfast as he was playing it smart, just a slather of porridge and jam. He was told that his heart... might not even start should he dare to try bacon and ham. His Doctor prescribed over two dozen pills to help and stable his health. It's easy for them... they don't pay the bills as the drug companies squander his wealth. He remembered his wife, the pain still acute, the cancer had taken her whole. But she never gave in... she would never impute, to a disease that might damage her soul. Today is the day he would visit her grave and bring the flowers she used to adore. To tell her the stories... of how she was brave, and the pride that he felt to his core. And then to the park on a bench he did sit to feel the sun on his face. When two students arrived... so he moved down a bit to give them a little more space. They didn't seem shy and their talk was compelling, he didn't think they knew he was there. Their conversation telling... when one started yelling, the other unmoved with a glare. The old man listened as he had nothing to lose, while the students complained it was tough. To making ends meet... and paying their dues if the Government didn't give them more stuff. Their needs were simple, they were on the take for society to make their bed. To discharge their debt... and avoid the regret that was filling their parents with dread. They talked of spring break, of parties and beer where studies gave way to play. If only their parents... would be of good cheer and send money so they don't have to pay. They talked of their debts, untold thousands at least, they seemed ignorant to their fate. But the college was good... with their hormones released, and girls were plenty to date. 'Why should we pay?' One student was brass. ' It's not like our college is fun. It makes me crass... to go to a class, where any work needs to be done.' The old man said nothing as he shouldn't evoke, but the students were showing a need. To tell them a quote... that someone had wrote, the students though wary, agreed. 'The money you need for a college tuition is beyond what a sane man would waste. So greet with suspicion... when given admission to a place so full of disgrace.' 'You want school for free or so you exclaim but only you can cover the cost. But hear what I claim... as you'll have no one to blame, you'll spend years looking for what you have lost.' 'College is fine and some may attend if the parents are paying the tab. But Banks will not lend... when you're trying to spend what's left from your paycheck they grab.' 'If your parents are broke and you need to use credit, your future may not be as bright. And to your discredit... you'll come to regret it. and your college will be numb to your plight.' 'So school might be foolish so don't buy what they're selling as years of debt will leave you in tears. I find it compelling... you might be dwelling, in your parents basement for years.' 'So keep up with school if skill is required and the wages are sure to amount. But stifle your zest... and abandon your quest, and then you'll have money to count.' 'So go out in the world embracing your fear, I'm telling you just what I know. But I'm making it clear... you should strictly adhere, to paying your way as you go.' The young men were stunned and both took to grieving for a future being stolen away. They had a hard time believing... their college was thieving, they were no longer students just prey. The old man departed and the air was now cool, not sure if his words had caused strife. But only a fool... would go to a school and make payments the rest of his life. The End *For those who might be interested. I will be posting my cartoon 'Bob's your Uncle' on my homepage. A new one will appear every second day.
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