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Great Little England
skinny island rump highway seas churning the horizon under turbulent skies entity England migration waves still grounding along the continental shelf monarchs, priests and lords relaunching history and hope, the truth of reassuring lies kingdoms to union state to empire, noble nation with outside-in sense of self less than half the land an archipelago's densely peopled habitation hub fear and ambition motivation of reigning rulers, homegrown or imported tame the fringe-lands subordinate lesser ilk, subdue rebellion with heavy club defend the realm render the commoner compliant with tall tales distorted top-down families the Normans, Plantagenets, Lancastrians, the House of York Tudors and Stuarts Georgians, Victorians, north European ascendency birthright entwining Edwardians, the House of Windsor, interwoven Britannia fork parliament rising invoking god, king, lords, soldiers, democratic supremacy papal exclusion changing of the earthly guard at the heavenly gate Lord Protectorate republican dalliance, then monarchy restored, re-anointed sailing high above companies of Englishmen supplying demand, the going rate arms-length thuggery royal patronage, educational elites appointed assertive England afloat with invention, labour, capital, wealth and trouble destiny shipping three forms of plantation, loyal protestants on nearby shores far-off colonials darkest African cargo, master's bidding at the double modern holocaust history sugar-coated, England enriched, no settling of scores imperial mayhem civilising, subjugating disturbance on the global face pink map of the world ripples of conflict continuing where England has been echoes of empire re-imagined futures, the royal Commonwealth embrace semi-detachment sparkling tiara slowly shifting on its long-living queen identity flags under the Union-Jack, the United Kingdom, Great Britain the part- British Isles the world reshaping the meaning of national boundaries the United Nations doughty England still punching as if history rewritten continental blocks bewildered greatness wilting in multi-cultural foundries English bemusement Scottish equality, new Irish European confidence Welsh ambivalence continuity communities rocked by remorseless change the forgotten folk now eye to eye with privileged patriots of providence crooked fingers point blaming the neighbours, outsiders, incomers with garb so strange but against this trend a much respected iconic England of proud achievement thwarter of tyrants land of heroes where devils and angels can shine together good outbids the bad the extraordinary ordinary, shared bereavement pinnacles of art gurus of maths, technology and scientific endeavour magic misty land great little England still humming a song of more than its parts beyond the beyond institutional process, ubiquitous English language spell casting influence constructive men and women defeating climatic upstarts collaboration world military prowess, a warm welcoming place to dwell ?
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