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Stop in your tracks Take a deep breath Stop and relax Close your eyes Exhale a slow deep breath In your mind’s eye It’s early dawn It’s quiet and serene around you Look far out at the horizon There over the peaceful rolling sea See a fine line of light in the distance The sun is about to rise There’s just a fine line Of warm brilliant orange Where the water and sky meet It’s beautiful tranquil blissful Let it all soak in Inhale slowly Exhale The sun is about to rise And you’ve got a front row seat Nothing could be more important You’re holding a remote And you get to press The PAUSE button You’re in control The show is on hold for you The sun won’t rise Until you’re ready Breathe in the panoramic view Nothing could be more Important than to be Right here right now Put the remote in your pocket Take a deep breath Keep looking at the horizon Inhale Exhale See that fine line of orange glowing And know that you have it on pause It’s not going anywhere Take a deep breath You need to do only One thing right now You need to take the time To unclutter your mind Much like pulling weeds from a garden Look at your troubles your worries head on Call them out Disown them Reject them Grab them by the throat Pull them out by the roots Gather every one in a bundle Take your time Turn them in one at a time See how uprooted They are powerless Every last one of them Bundle them all Into that wooden chest in front of you Take your time Take all the time you need When you’re done Close the lid And lock the box Catch your breath See how the horizon Still has its bright orange line And you still have the remote on pause Take a deep breath Feel the freedom With each breath you inhale Slowly exhale Throw the key away As far as you can throw Inhale Exhale Time is on your side Relax You’re holding the remote You’re in control The sun won’t rise till you’re ready Breathe it all in Right now it’s just you and your sealed wooden chest It’s heavy but you can do it Go ahead and push it off the cliff One more push should do it There it goes off the cliff Watch it tumble down down Your troubles and worries Out of reach As the box hits the sea Listen to the distant splash And watch the box sink And hit the bottom of the sea Exhale a deep genuine sigh of relief Inhale your first emancipated breath Taste the moment Enjoy the unfettered feeling Inhale Fill your lungs with the freedom You remember as a child Running through a field of flowers With the wind through your hair And laughter echoing from all directions Soak in the moment And only when you’re ready Take the remote in your hand Feel the power the control Feel the anticipation of the new day Only when you’re ready Press the slow motion button Let the show pick up From where you left off Connect with that thin Orange strip at the horizon Be one with it Feel it slowly widen Control the speed of the day rising Let the orange ball of fire slowly emerge You are in control One with the universal energy And nobody can shake your strength You are light and carefree In the depths of your heart Infused with energy Let the day begin… Published in my photo/poetry book ~SUNRISE MEDITATION~ 2019 Read on air by invitation ~ December 5, 2021 'POETS' HARBOUR' AP: 2nd place 2020, Honorable Mention 2020 Submitted on October 8, 2020 for contest IMPRESS ME WITH AN OLD POEM (002) sponsored by POET DESTROYER A - RANKED 6TH on June 11, 2020 for contest YOUR BEST POEM sponsored by CHANTELLE ANNE COOKE - RANKED 3RD on April 10, 2019, for contest 2019 POEM OF THE DAY sponsored by RICHARD LAMOUREUX - RANKED 2ND and on February 16, 2019, for contest 2019 POETRY MARATHON MILE 19 sponsored by MARK TONEY POTD February 14, 2019 - Very honored this poem was selected as POTD as this is my first ever in this style and writing this poem felt somewhat like a personal journeying. Originally posted on February 13, 2019
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