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Learning How To Live Courtesy
Learning How To Live...Courtesy, Sans Priceless Paternal Experiences Bequeathed To This Papa From Precious Progeny The greatest gift cherished, garnered, lamented..., yet simultaneously recognized as utmost prized constitutes mine declaration, that both benevolent daughters (now metaphorically inflight) took wing to embark upon autonomous paths from shortfall of figurative feathers, that barely fluffed this Harris nest, and pridefulness (without prejudice), (nor sense and sensibility if the Missus intimated), nonetheless the exponentially lightspeed of time, (no doubt there exists some algebraic formula) delineating, how each subsequent year elapses with mind bend ding rapidity tens, hundreds, thousands...bajillion of immeasurable powers greater compared to the buzzfeeding, nodding off to sleep, plodding ennui during naive boyhood (mine) lacking foresight to conjecture emotional state (wreck) walled din within the unsown cerebral territory now housing a papa poised on the brink of agonizing awareness catapulting enlightenment gripping intractably kickstarting mortality. Over the spate of fatherhood, thy deux delightful grown girls unwittingly, unstintingly, unpreparedly... foisted upon the very shaky psychological fountainhead an absolute birthright (asper begetting said offspring), whose needs and wants transcended those of this formerly self oriented dada, who reviews the trials and tribulations recognizing his niggardly retention of allowing, enabling, and proffering the best environment conducive to the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being concerning those vulnerable young and restlessness lives. He writhes with agony, asper the domestic chaos wrought indelible emotions, some roiling anger (more so pertaining to the eldest (Eden Liat "star student") emotionally estranged toward this parent, whose company she enjoyed playing at the park, or reveling idling leisure hours oft times winning at Uno, Sorry, Mancala...(keep on the queue tee, that such happen to be my intent). Thank you so much sweet darlings, (which out pouring of sentiments) initially spurred to acknowledge the twentieth orbit around the sun regarding the tender loving caring Shana Aubrey blessedly teaching unknowingly your truly ill suited “sir” spending her previous few birthdays expanding delicate comfort zones living (by choice and mutual parental consent, when she hapt to be a minor - and now...owns a heart of gold), this poor excuse for a father loves both YOU more than these pitiful words can broadcast into the ethereal net.
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