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White Rabbit Inc
This white rabbit is having a hell of a day. It started out good but ended in a bad way. I woke up feeling marvelous and grand, dressed up in my waistcoat, with my pocket-watch in hand. I soon realized I had somewhere to be, I forgot that I had a meeting with her Royal Majesty. I pulled out my pocket-watch, it told me I was extremely late! If I did not hurry the Red Queen will serve my head on a plate. I made a feverish rush to Wonderland's palace, starting my journey feeling frazzled and unbalanced. As I descended down the rabbit hole, toward my destination I noticed a girl falling behind me, with a look of fascination. When I finally made it to the bottom, she continued to stalk. Calling me "Mr Rabbit", telling me she just wanted to talk. I do not trust strangers, so I started to runaway real quick. She paid no mind to my fear, kept following me like a crazed lunatic. I tried numerous times to get her off my path, I swear! The first time was when I led her to the Mad Hatter and March Hare. I knew that they were having a tea party, just like always. Entertaining themselves, celebrating their un-birthdays. They will keep her captivated for a bit. I then scurried away, took my Que, and split. Unfortunately, the Mad hosts have short attention spans, she left undetected. Her harassment continued on my route, just as I suspected. Next, I thought the Caterpillar could get her off my tail. The smoke coming from his hookah she would inhale. I figured he would make her high as a kite, in a comatose state. She would forget about chasing me, and I could evacuate. Nope, fat chance the hookah had weak smoke. The Caterpillar was not smoking his usual dope. I utilized Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, but they could not keep her occupied I Even tried using the Cheshire Cat, he was no help, he didn't even try. All my plans failed, she ended up following me before the Queen of Hearts. I have never seen her so pissed, not even when someone stole her tarts. I do not know if it was my tardiness or the girl that had her enraged. Her temper reached it's peak she exploded in a violent rampage. Now I'm in the royal gardens, painting some white roses red. In between a psycho stalker and a Queen that wants my head. What's a rabbit to do? I don't know, this day has been so bizarre. I guess I'll keep painting, keeping my presence low on their radar.
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