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Free online greeting card maker or poetry art generator. Create free custom printable greeting cards or art from photos and text online. Use PoetrySoup's free online software to make greeting cards from poems, quotes, or your own words. Generate memes, cards, or poetry art for any occasion; weddings, anniversaries, holidays, etc (See examples here). Make a card to show your loved one how special they are to you. Once you make a card, you can email it, download the photo graphic, or share it with others on your favorite social network site like Facebook. Also, you can create shareable and downloadable cards from poetry on PoetrySoup. Use our poetry search engine to find the perfect poem, and then click the camera icon to create the card or art.

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Filched Physiognomy Mine
Filched Physiognomy - Mine! Absolute zero escape velocity guts dance sing days (contra and square), cuz metabolic full abundance abdominal adipose tissue acceptance not in accordance with light as a feather miss lost acquaintance the boy within forced admittance as sure man tanks of fat did advance shotgun marriage demanded allegiance to pledge lifetime alliance no room for allowance crushing lightness of being ambiance nor allies to help me combat battle fatigue require ring superman endurance to muster strength to stand erect else ambulance will whisk away husky embarrassing appearance loose fitting clothing jelly roll appurtenance overnight digital readout, asper body mass index scaled quick ascendance, thus when showering, I look askance fearing bulging balloon will necessitate assistance else... diet of worms as only assurance safeguarding body electric against hecklers at open casket no matter, a small perchance crowd in attendance yea... eventual cremation after life only fat chance to alleviate present circumstance heavy matter fails security clearance the price for astute cognizance weak willpower alighting countenance esse pie ying sweet treats now measures taken to counterbalance to fight temptation and dalliance overruling feasting craving delectation to restore trim deliverance love handles around equator no magician can render disappearance yes the discontinuance of just dessert must maintain distance without being weighed down with disturbance by heaviest haunch ain't no elegance lugging extra encumbrance when throughout my early life, skinny, yet able to steel glance mirrored reflection now grievance, where wistful memory ha...ironic insouciance more so than today finds intolerance, thus woebegone issuance thorn in muss hide to experience jubilance hmm...maybe a strong arm can lance excess flab quite a nuisance to defy gravity, why penance sans unsightly paunch yours truly laments skin tight fit, thus petulance lame excuse unwanted protuberance necessitates dedicated pursuance recollection of washboard abdomen impossible, yes nothing accomplished by remonstrance!
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