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Far Away, Far Away
Far Away, Far Away Children when you dream at night you may see an awesome sight! Magic fairies in the dew near trilliums of snow white hue. You must search within your dreams by the light of midnight beams. Hear the fairy’s lullaby, coyotes howl and hoot owls cry. There within the moonlit dell fairies cast their dreamy spell. Far away, far away, with a touch of luck you may see a fairy, just a glimpse, of these charming woodland imps! Children fairies won’t be far when you wish upon a star. Before you finally fall asleep, count the fairies never sheep. When you see them do not fear, all your woes will disappear. Dream of stars and fireflies, rest your head and close your eyes. If you fall asleep so quick, fairy dust has done the trick! When at night the moon comes out fairies like to jump about! Magic fairies sing and dance, round and round the woods they prance. Listen close if you would hear, else the fairies disappear. Quickly they will run and hide if they think they have been spied! Take a picture if you dare. Don’t let fairies see you there! Fairies travel frequently over mountains, under seas. Sometimes tortoise, sometimes hare, carry fairies everywhere. Fairies soar with fireflies, dragonflies and butterflies. Serpents, lizards , frogs and eels are used to amuse as fairy’s wheels. (Caterpillars work just fine, keeps the fairies all in line.) Sometimes fairies rest their heads in their little mushroom beds. Deep below the bitter root, know that they aren’t underfoot. Search for ferns but do not stray, this is where the fairies stay. Asleep by day, awake at night, in your dreams they shall take flight. When you wake with sandy eyes, this fairy’s mark is your surprise. Far away, far away, with a touch of luck you may see a fairy, just a glimpse, of these charming woodland imps! Fairies may just play all day, run and hide then fly away through the clouds then to the moon on a magic afternoon. Fairy friends are birds and bees, allies on a Summer breeze, fly above the forest floor, giggling as they gently soar. Enchanted forests casts their spell in the little fairy's dell. Walk to where the maidenhair points the way to fairy’s lair, near the trail by columbine, chamomile and trumpet vine. Where the oak stands by the edge, there beneath the hidden ledge for-get-me-nots and Queen Anne’s lace decorate the fairy’s place. If you find them just by chance, fairy’s dwelling will entrance. In the meadow by the brook, hurry children, you might look over there beyond the hill. Run a little if you will. Search beneath the buttercups, take three steps and then back up. Turn around, you must be quick! Do not blink for fairies trick! Over rocks across the shore, ‘neath the elm you must explore. On a mossy mountainside, this is where the fairies hide. Where the willow weeps no more, where the tortoise rests by shore where the white dove never cries, hear the stir of dragonflies. Where the fairies dance and sing on unicorns and robin wings. There below the rainbow lights live elusive, mystic sprites. Ah but few will find this place; fairies barely leave a trace! Far away, far away, with a touch of luck you may see a fairy, just a glimpse of such charming woodland imps! Enchanted dreams are not a joke but only come to little folk, charming visions in the night filled with wondrous fairy sprites. Secrets held in peaceful sleep little children always keep. Grownups you may search in vain for the little one’s domain, but only children know the way to the spot where fairies play. Once you’ve seen a little scamp in the place where fairies camp you shall n’er forget the night when you saw this awesome sight! Should you spy a wee small sprite in the middle of the night, keep it secret, never tell where the little fairies dwell! Keep it secret, never tell where the little fairies dwell!
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