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What Color Are You
What color are you? You! You! You! You! You! You! I could do this all day. Smirk. I am not talking about hair color, eye color, or skin color. I am not talking about teeth color, or freckle color or fingernail color. I am talking about soul color. Soul color is something some see, others do not. Soul color is something I feel, but do not see. My husband sees it, as a body halo around people. Not always, but sometimes. I do not. My spirituality comes to me in a different way. Yellows are lively and fun, with a child-like innocence. They love to play, and dance, skip and sing. Lots of us are Yellows until a Gray comes along and hurts us. Grays are dour and sad, watching for the clouds, always finding them. They like to marry Yellows and take them away from their families. They are experts at isolating them, putting them down, tearing their wings off. Watch out for Gray, for when they first present, they appear to be Yellows. Oranges are creative, dazzling with inside rainbow colors, splashy and exciting. They cannot be stopped, and will do whatever they can to remain enthusiastic. If you try to get in their way they will laugh and steamroll over you, but nicely. I have never seen anyone able to intimidate or anger an Orange. It might not be doable. Blue is empathetic, ready to rescue all of the children. They write romantic poetry. They know words like blessed, scarlet, twilight, thee, thy, heavenly, and diamond. They see cherubs, and many of them sing a melodic song in a church choir. Greens are unique. Abstract Greens are gardeners, landscapers, and childcare workers. They love to nurture grass, flowers, trees, children, and each other. Concrete Greens are bankers, CPAs and lawyers. They like being around money. Nothing else puts them into their happy zone, so why go anywhere else? Grass? Ha! They scoff. They can pay Abstract Greens to mess with their lawns. Ebonies are sleek, chic, and elegant. They wear evening gowns and put on airs. Not because they want to, but because it is natural for them, they are exquisite. Tans are snooty, they do not like anything with color. They especially despise orange. They refuse to have any orange in their décor, shoes, cars, or social network. They are all about being drab, bland, and plain. Oatmeal and wheat bread breakfast daily. I made up my color people years ago when children at my school were fighting about color. They were screaming in anger if someone called them a color with which they did not identify. I had them all look at the inside of their wrists, which usually points out we all share some colors. I spoke to them about the idiocy of labeling people by hair color or skin color. I told them about soul color. In a week or two, the teachers were running around bragging about theirs. "I am a blue." "I figured that!" "I am purple." "I bet you are abstract green." If you are still reading, know that we are all rainbow, and that is more than enough. For being rainbow unites us the fastest. That is what Rainbow does. Big grin now….. Uh-oh. Run and I mean swiftly. Here comes a haughty Purple and stuck up Turquoise. Followed by Polka Dot and Plaid!
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