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Toxic 2018
I've noticed a new favorite word in 2018 was "toxic." And, in on-line discussions, a newly invested discernment of what it might fascist imply to lead each white privileged day with patriarchal narcissism. Hillary, unlike St. Hilary, could stand iconic for matriarchal narcissism. It exists, like a recessive gene in our integrity pool of compassion's unlikely opportunities, yet is as yin to patriarchal yang, divided, narcissism soft-core, not yet hard advanced past capital-drenched dreams of satiated blond and blue-eyed middle-ages Too often patriarchal narcissism devolves into runaway Kochian economic fascism, anti-ecological hoarding wealth, racist nationalistic pathology, putrid absence of Primal EarthPatriotism. What I hope, and mutually need, to hear more nutritiously compassionate is about cosmic creative tension between patriarchal narcissism as a weapon and matriarchal compassion as a tool, co-passioning within monocultural political powers for evil and good ecotherapeutic polypathic multicultures. Resilient health-invested cultures still have active faith that a compassionate Gaia is more effluently powerful, demonstrates more everyday resilient waves restoring outside peace, than that of God's DisRapturous Fear His narcissistic followers will not inside recall I AM THAT I AM CoPassion. For inscrutable reasons, I thought of toxic narcissism v. healthy compassion when I heard DJ Trump amuse his wild-eyed followers, Explaining his new-found epiphany that, to best defend his personal political future opulence, he should oppositionally ask his enemies for what he does not truly want. A more experienced compassionate politician would disagree with: The best way to earn democratic long-term trust is to tell the opposition I do not have the political will to build walls, when I do, To pretend to protect the good white consumers inside and to keep out alien threats to future omnipotence of internalized toxic narcissism. Narcissism's imaginary inside voices do not consider what we the people and plants and planet healthy want and need to nourish compassion's resilient interdependence. The Wall between political compassion and personal narcissism, for Kochians and Trumpians, is all about what white patriarchal I narcissistically want to beat down compassionate matriarchal self-empowerment, co-operative economic/ecological health care, radically accessible to all EarthTribe values and extended family norms. Fracturing narcissism hopelessly reacts against remaining compassionate healthy hearts, cooperative imaginations of liberally impassioned democracy trusting multicultural people plants and living co-passioned planet.
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