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I want this poem to show how easy it is to die and the many ways you can die. AND how hard it is for some of us to live. By accident / on purpose… by God’s hand or by mans. It’s not all in his plan. Not all in his will. He gave you free will, and you abused it, and you were cruel, stubborn as a mule … Determined to do harm and prove yourself in charge … But it’s not how you die or why you die … that counts, it’s when you have to give account, that really counts, and that is when you shall "surely die". And return no more. You can die…Painfully from illness, or softly in your sleep. Choking, Drowning, food poisoning, chemical overload, toxicity; Or by another’s hand- You could expire by suffocation; Or die, with blood showing, or with no blood escaping. Lack of air, lack of water, lack of minerals, lack of vitamins, or from bites – or allergies. Humans die from Abortions or heat exhaustion. Too much of this, not enough of that.! illnesses, infectious-diseases…, No affection, Or the lack of love; Rejections leaves people with no will to thrive; Having no ambition to survive. We die anyway without thinking; So why do people spend their lives trying to kill others? Just for the thrill, when it’s not by God's will.? It is not had to Die, but there is an afterlife: This flesh, this earth, is meant for the living, and living is so hard to do!... Living is so hard to do. But each day you must rehearse, to face that day when every man must pay. When no man can say "forgive me" or say “God I am sorry" for that which I have done unto the least of your creations: I also ask to be forgiven, when you had put someone in my care and I caused despair and did not care… When from wince we have come, and from with what we have to face; We have journeyed the wrong way.! I wonder who amongst us, is here by God's grace? I wonder who amongst us will walk through that final door, to return no more.? Right here and now I say for all things great and small and for those things that I’ve unknowingly caused. Forgive me: I ask as man be my witness and God be my Judge … Oh, Creator of all mankind, I realize that as long as I have breath, I can receive your mercy of love… Before my final eyes are shut, and my final breath is spent. I repent, my immoralities: So easy to die, and so hard to live a righteous life. I thank you for my gift – I thank you for my ability to write and be redeemed by words, which is my Immortality. Yes, I had to get all deep, excuse me. but I can’t afford to take that chance, just for you to say …” that’s Deep”. This is about me and my way of balancing my mind’s kinesiology, and maybe you will also balance yours during this big event called Living…. I feel I should – you should, and we all should try to live. Because dying is so easy”. Dying means; You no longer have a voice, you’ve made a final choice; Speak now, before you have no breath, before the final death; All power goes back to the Creator, you'll have no free will left!
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