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Born For What Purpose
If you live in a non-sectarian democratic nation with so much energy we can lavishly spend boatloads and plane loads and tank loads and truck loads of oily public cash on killing our own Green Commons, and threatening all EarthTribes with punishment for...whatever, and building ever higher physical and emotional walls against foreign tribes, thereby spreading collateral damage to neighboring species of animals and once thriving indigenous plants; If you live in a place with so little energy to re-invest in feeding and watering and nurturing domestic residents of all colors and stripes, spots and star shapes; Then you live in a nation too poor in democratically proper health reinvestment to have earned your blinding undivided wealth of loyalty. If you live in an overly competitive FirstPatriarchal world with so much borrowed money we can competitively buy and sell sweat and swell the entire planet currently supporting our too conveniently deniable life that kills style, Then you live in a codependent insane asylum about to go bust, leaving all Earth's nations as homeless as a crippled sheep without a healthy flock, much less a sacred shepherd or any semblance of a wealthy heavenly fold. Invite your ego your family your community your nation, to look for a higher non-partisan non-sectarian non-violent non-defensive active health goal encompassing all non-insular deep and wide wealth objectives. When achievement of WinWin global health goals is mutually inclusive, commit to this cooperatively wealthy polypathic direction. If WinWin is not consensually accessible, not yet secular Here with sacred Now, then co-determine healthy corrective actions moving toward non-violent non-sectarian non-partisan non-defensive therapeutic actions, Adopt and adapt communication skills to replace assumptions that winning secular wealth requires losing sacred health at home, inside our own interdependent ego's language, with better integrated win health to win true and beautiful and trusted objectives of wealth everyday, this day, then tomorrow, and so forth toward inclusive polypathic peace To restore Earth's health and beauty trusting future, We, both left/secular and right/sacred, deep learn non-sectarian happiness and prosperity 2020 revolutionary nutritional goals for one globally green democratic health paradigm, cooperative network disciplines polypathically effluent where trending investment health is far more blessed than mere pathology divestment focus. Making war is not actively investing in health-restoring peace, And acting ugly does not create beautiful karmic grace or love or positive energy investments or whatever the non-sectarian non-partisan non-violating multi-paradigmatic wealth you choose to call us more cooperatively nationed and nurtured together.
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