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Wheel on a Stick part 1
Dos Cabezas Getaway Coming of age film about Boy Baby Wally found wrapped in a 1943 issue of "Farm Implement" magazine abandoned screaming in a Last Chance gas station toilet on Route 711 West of Dos Cabezas, New Mexico while Boy Baby Wally's true mom floors the gas pedal on her kudzu green 1942 Chevrolet Fleetline 2 door sedan, spinning gravel and screeching onto the tarmac just as a stolen midnight black 1940 LaSalle Model 40 convertible slaloms up to the gas pump throwing gravel and dust into the faces of nearby scorpions; a limousine of questionable virtue whose occupants are MildewVan Dankly III, banker in a pin stripe suit and white silk tie sweating rivulets in the passenger seat, a .38 caliber police special held to the back of his neck by Babs Maraschino, sitting in the jump seat, and her boyfriend of two weeks, Johnny Frank Eddie, one of the last of the Piltdown carnival geeks at the wheel, this occurring shortly after Johnny and Babs were left with few options of escape, selecting the less heinous and more socially justifiable choice by robbing Van Dankly's Casino Savings & Trust of the Specific General Hospital nursing staff pension fund delivered only 5 minutes previously by enema Nurse Miss Veronica in a script heavy with Freudian symbolism when Babs suffering bowel flux from a bad burrito at Hank's Diesel and Cabins ("Sleep With Hank” on the billboard 90 miles back) uses the Last Chance toilet as Johnny slits Van Danky's femoral artery and fills the LaSalle's tank just as Babs emerges from the toilet with Boy Baby Wally held tightly against both her ample breasts, the glow of epiphany illuminating her features who, stepping onto Pettigrew's now limp and biologically decomposing body and into the LaSalle's passenger seat, lights up a Lucky Strike (LSMFT - the first of the pop culture acronyms) and informs Johnny that she now wants to be a mother without the inconvenience of child bearing and thus lessening the sum total of human misery in the world causing Johnny to go into rivalry anxiety hypoxia requiring an emergency theft of Specific General's burn ward breathing apparatus filled with residual sodium pentathol vapors from a previous procedure involving pain and mascara sending Johnny into a flash forward, many years later when Boy Baby Wally becomes a high altitude parachutist-poet, who can only bust a rhyme while falling through space; the wind rushing through his hair like a rocket sled pilot when the LaSalle's top was down.
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