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GreenPower Dreams
Last night I dreamed. I dream-- sometimes too athletically, fertile regeneratively, viral, positive and negatively and in-between sub-climax performing some wins and some perpetual losses more ambiguously back and forth, up and down, in and out, and not nearly sensual enough-- every night, Full through new moon great transitions of climates black and brown deaths mattering and terrifyingly splattering, grey-scaled and white and green despite ultra-violet sepia sophia health and transparent integrity resisting opaque mendacity to show our hypocratic heads, capital Lose to Lose infestments. In last night's dream my mentor, Tenzin Gyatso invited me to read his book Beyond Religion aloud to him, front to back, left to right, in my own English words, my own healthy and toxic experiences, green through ultra-violent red, white nationalist entitlement, and blue patriarchal patriotic 1950's cultural flag-waving commercialized jingo-bellism about this new super scientific ZeroCentric messianic millennium co-arising. This left me with a whole system lot of How and Why questions. My LeftFactual Brain was screaming about deductive obsessions in alternating dissonant pain and blind faith defensive denial and de-nihilistic boredom. Mentor Tenzin seemed in no mood to accept NoThanks! for my RSVP, nor even Not-Right-This-Minute, please? As I began to read beyond scientific polycultural religion, s/he closed his eyes and continued with his/her smile. I think s/he likes this book on sacred multiculturing healthy climate sciences and neurosensory green peace research. Strange fruit for a Tibetan immigrant homelessly schooled and exiled in India-- Longing for a First WesternWorld urbane ecology Originally belonging within a small third brown MotherEarth culture born of Buddhist health and pathology eco-homeschooled education. So I began near his Introduction's top, inviting us to Look back over past homeless and despised alien decades against brown-skinned people, to still find resilient reasons for healthy enchantment. Through secular science advances, some problematic social and economic and politically viral toxins are slowly decomposing. Tenzim opens his regenerate eyes, still smiling, as is his/her normal enchanting democratic constitution, and asks me to back up, start at his earlier revolutionary beginning into the Genesis of Acknowledgments inviting gratitude for each past reader's resilient wisdom. And so I backed up to continue forward: It is my sincerely active hope what is climate and cognitive researched here may contribute, in however small a cooperative-ownership way, to building a more resiliently regenerate and more polypathically green peaceful Earth. Of course we are not secularly or sacredly reversing Earth's unhealthy trends overnight. And we will not WinWin change WinLose global culture with a short essay or even a longish and ancient multicultural humane-divine scripture. Climate health comes gradually regeneratively through increased cooperative sanctuary ownership, Responsible whole-system green values will only become EarthPatriotic belonging with WinSecular/WinSacred cooperative systems research re-education. If each naturalLeft and spiritualRight reader ecological/theological leader finds any co-relational integrity written and lived here to be of resilient being and resonant doing health benefit, then our cooperative enterprise and co-investments will have been trans-sectarian wellness rewarded with inside as outside regenerate wealth. A scientific nature disassociated from religious spirit is a fundamentally wrong reading of divinely inspired experience, without immediate or long-term health benefit. Such readers should not dissonantly feel any Right MindBody awkwardness about graciously and lovingly setting this non-sectarian essay aside while waiting for your personal enlightenment Rapture rooted in climate anxiety and violent EarthTribe unnatural dismemberment, and other miscellaneous disassociative denials of WinWin organic integrity co-arising resilient external light-preferential systems. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama stopped smiling, opened his/her sensory-focused eyes and invited me to set Beyond Religion aside, for now, to rewrite my own healthier and more inviting green rapture essays, to WinWin facilitate our own collection of healthy communion stories for climate resilient wealth enhancement journeys, primate pilgrimages toward first non-violent democratic choices cognitively within as socially and ecologically without, ultra-nonviolet darkly below as green above, ecstasy YinFlow enchanting YangForm, sacred religion experiencing non-sectarian health science integral outcomes, RightBrain understory values co-arising LeftDominant nutritional history of multiculturing ethics v monocultural anti-ethics, essays, narratives, re-creating green communion stories, ZeroZone cognitive soul-development advocating for more resilient organic nurturing non-violent Win inside Win outside climate systems beyond and deeply within LeftBrain science v RightBrain re-ligion.
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