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Therapeutic Work and Play
You mentioned you work with a therapist. Has she encouraged you to incorporate centering exercises and holistic thinking and feeling experiences healing interior and exterior nondualistic climate events in your everyday thinking/feeling mutually non-violent practice? Has she encouraged you to disclose what you can realistically pray for while making and selling automatic rifles? And living cooperatively with those who choose to profit in this terrorizing way? You mean those tedious bicameral bilateral practices like tai chi and yoga, drumming while singing and whistling and laughing and tweeting or something wild like that? I suppose I might, although none of those are in my own daily repertoire against depression and climate crisis anxiety, and an already compromised critical immune system. Have you tried any of these holistic things your therapist has suggested, or not, perhaps in passing or passing by, as alternative supplements and implements with your talk therapy? Has she suggested walking and talking on the beach and through forests, and over and back down mountain trails, tracking rivers flowing up and down, circling around lakes rising and falling, down competitive MainStreets and up more cooperatively communalized by-streets with under-capitalized organic communioned community eco-school gardens? I don't recall anything quite so athletic or communal or... I don't know... something about a PolyCultural DNA EcoCommons? With your ADHD, your high YHWH revenge-climate crisis anxiety, your non-violent cooperative feminist reverse-hierarchical solidarity philosophy, And with your chronic depression, disassociating repression, ecopolitical suppression, invited by LeftBrain dominant paranoid narcissistic self-justifying Yang v Yin concerns, your mindbody might prefer bipedal as well as bicameral centering exercises you can do every enchanting day whether walking through a forest, with or without peer therapists being-doing or walking non-violently while talking as you journey from one room to the other and up and down ancient stairs to nowhere/everywhere inside your own home and other divinely inspired green-potential sanctuaries. I don't think I can talk green and meditate ultra-nonviolet simultaneously coincidentally even in a sanctuary. It's more like non-violent walking and talking and ultra-nonviolet medicating at the same time, like thinking with your LeftBrain and right-dominant foot while feeling-listening with your Right CooperativeBrain and left-prominent foot reverse backward through time's history, then upstream forward into EarthTribe's healthier green-shared future Commons. I'm not sure I even trust that such a climate risk-management practice would be a loyal and patriotic and faithful thing to do and think and/or feel. Too startling, revolutionary, to deductively think about 2020 polypathic nurturing vision, Too dissonant against BusinessAsUsual LeftBrain competitions between think dominating feel RightBrain response to LeftBrain oppressive non-organic mechanistic system thinking disassociating from RightBrain feels discerning harmonies of pace and cooperative/dissonant hue, and climate cry and spiral walking through and by doing reverse being saying seeing. Yet if your LeftBrain does choose to reconsider, all thoughts include implicit healing/toxic feelings as all feelings, resonant or dissonant and in-between, re-associate with LeftBrain conservational conversational deductive/inductive balance of natural/spiritual healthy thoughts with feelings, While right foot follows left following right through each day's inside and outside ego- and eco-therapeutic re-balancing journey through life and death between cooperative natural breath and communal spiritual ecstasy, release reverse Right foot forward into life Left foot backward past RightBrain's sacred regenerate passage of timeless journeying back through all former incarnate imaged lives Patriarchal Right forward and matriarchal Left reverse-hierarchical Time co-governing pace through slowing our RightBrainBody green organic herstory integrative synergetic communal negentropic timeless run-on empty sentences composed of re-associative double-binding phrases like the sound of one foot not not walking Perhaps I could feel called to walk some small part of this bipedal bicameral health journey. But, how do I know when it is time to stop and get on with my competitive egocentric day? I'm not LeftBrain sure how I know when to stop walking this pilgrimage into cooperative WinWin. I wake up each morning more happily determined to walk and talk in bicameral solidarity until we have all found this healthy being RightFelt is doing LeftMapped journey we were good-faith organically born to look for and cooperatively expect communally respect polypathically request of each EarthTribe sacred ego/eco-schooling deep learning OtherEmpathy As therapeutically taught by MotherEarth's EcoRevolution School.
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