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Fire Cypher 2 For My haters
This is a lethal ink injection. I know I’m blessed to have rejection Haters in my life only lead to introspection Understand I’m still the man Who are you to question I agree to disagree With all your false perception Receptions and revenge Cold evolving towards perfection Enemies and haters more numerous in this dimension Spitting rhymes on every line I have no feeling to mention I waste no time That’s why I rhyme with an intention keep on with the hating I’ll keep on doing what I am best with I’m writing out the old life Building a greater investment I’m writing with a passion Shining like incandescent Writing lines with fire Has set the bar I stay expectant I interpreted a dream To discover my haters Were like gators Lurking below the surface And scheming to get me later I’ll hit you hard now to teach you you can thank me later I’m rising to the top Like I’m riding Elevators My focus is always greater I’m a rocket on this paper Blasting off and leaving craters Sky high like Aviators I’m an Ink applicator Rhyme style Activator Your just an imitator Fake friend an infiltrator call in the bomb squad Its a Fire Cypher caper A terrorist explosive when pairing ink to a paper Lighting fuses on these lines A Nuclear Terminator It’s Hasta la vista baby Huh I’ll See ya later I mainline a rhymed line Intravenously I’m the dopest I aim like laser focus Spellbinding I’m hypnosis doc says it’s in my head I think it’s just psychosis My haters keep talking all I’m smelling is halitosis I’m Vader with a saber A barber with a razor I’ll slap you like your daddy Cuz somebody gotta raise ya I’ll see what your betting And triple is what I raise ya firing off at the mouth I don’t shoot just to graze ya I stay wide awake But I am chasing what I’m dreaming The only plan my haters have Is plotting and their scheming I feel it coming in the air I know they must be creeping Laying em down one by one Keeping people sleeping I don’t play games Or say names I spit flames Just the same old crap And I’m here flushing drains I’m only here to beat ya It’s never nice to meet ya I slice and dice Serving haters like cold pizzas There’s no price to sell my soul For no silver or gold I’m way too hot To be flowing so cold My ink type is bold My style broke the mold I’m holding all the cards It’s better if you fold This skill I wield Is a sword in the stone That made me A king on the throne leave well enough alone Or else I’ll chew you to death Like a dog to a bone I’m A Super Saiyan fighter A Diamond minded writer a pack of lit lighters pen and paper pyro igniter Line for line A rhymed mind reciter Scripting more lines in ink Than an automatic typewriter The WordPlay writer should of been a reminder I’m only here to break the game And take the game higher I stay flyer than most Smooth as butter on toast Blessed to rock a pen From The Fathers Holy Ghost! Exclamation punctuation: excitingly electrifying Death defyingly amazing Indescribably Blazing Bright like stargazing Prime lines I am engraving Keep all my haters Hating But I devour who I’m facing Without hesitation I Flow like hydration My thoughts are irrigation Hands held high praising Waiting for Heaven to come Cuz I’m done with hell raising But I stay writing I’m flashing like lightning Outlining what I’m fighting There’s no style biting Reworking and rewriting Riots I’m inciting WordPlay shining I see you struggle When your trying I’m soaring While your crying Your crawling While I’m climbing A beast with this talent A Warrior a Viking Frightening When I’m rhyming Striking Quit your whining Your fast food My flavors fine dining It’s clearly Game over Fatality No surviving
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