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It’s been a long time coming But I’m still on my game Writing is the only outlet That frees me of this pain I Talk it how I walk it And this Walk is insane Some days are harder than others I gotta stay in my lane I’m further from my past it’s still a part of my name I don’t believe in love It’s just a foolish mans game There’s no winning a war That will never have gain I’m not running in circles Just to try and fan flames My blood runs hot Like I’m running on ether My baby said she loved me But she can’t be with me either It doesn’t matter anymore I made the decision to leave her I guess Love is a sickness Like a cold with a fever So I stay on my Boss tip In your face I’m obnoxious Rocksteady when I box this Non stop Until your nauseous Not paying for love I don’t care what the cost is Life is never good When my feelings turn toxic It’s easier being alone Than moving on to the next not making relationship sequels That all end with an ex There’s more to my life Than just looking for sex I rise above my instincts To be the best of the best I’m The last of my breed I don’t write to impress The only reason I write Is to shine up my finesse Music is my companion I should forget all the rest Easy come easy go No need to hold on to the stress Life is so much easier Without all of that mess Life is so much easier Without all of that mess Life is so much easier Without all of that mess Yes I must confess Speaking of moving on The show has to continue I’m all out of tickets And I ain’t changing the venue If you don’t like what I’m cooking Stay the off the menu I have too much to lose And there’s too much that I’ve been thru To be wasting my time On a dime I’m not meant to Drama weighs a man down The same way that cement do The weight of the world I just shrug it off my shoulders The weight of my heart Weighs as much as a boulder The longer I live this life The more I get older And the more that I grow The more I get bolder I’m gonna keep writing my rhymes And keep my mind in a folder It’s show and tell time Don’t say I never warned ya Intelligently gifted With the bars that I have scripted I’m Blasting right thru the ceiling Until this roof it gets lifted Therapy for your cerebral That hits you right in your fitted How can I be so on fire When I flow like I’m liquid I can keep writing bars My vocabulary’s on point You can see me from the shining There’s never a need to point I will keep writing defining my mind Until you get the point I’ve crossed the line in game time Its Match set point My mind soars higher it’s mountainous elevation Flying towards my destiny Is 3/4 of destination I’m more alive than living twice I’m here for the duration Not apologetic For the formation of your frustration drink up this flow I can tell you need hydration People so full of they suffer from constipation I’m so close in your area My name is your location If you want to hate my style put my words into quotations I’ve been patiently waiting With these lines I keep creating Fading in out Ink pumping like palpitations This is medicine music Invigorating meditation That keeps your head nodding To lyrical inspiration It’s out of control I can feel this in my soul I don’t color within the lines Or ever do what I am told I keep on digging til I strike Oil or gold I’m gonna be successful That’s how my story unfolds I’m off to see the wizard But there’s no yellow brick roads I have a mind And have a heart And a talent that lets me show I kick it off from the jump off this I’m never letting go Theres a dozen different styles That all showcase my prose Your all staying minor league And I am playing towards the pros You can say it to another Damn that boy can flow Music runs through my veins And it makes my soul glow I’m an artist with these words like Pablo Picasso My mind is a book That is fully lined with pages Whenever I let loose It’s like the lions out the cages There’s a madness to this method When feelings start rampages This is no place for weakness Only a place for the courageous
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