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To honor thy father and son
Now hear this an almighty, all powerful, all knowing God is sitting in heaven waiting to hear from you. David says he has his hand cupped behind his ear waiting for his children to cry out for great and mighty things so we can glorify his mighty name but all we do is shake our fist, turn our backs and continue to complain. Well Let me tell you something when lift your hands to pray you are talking to an all powerful, almighty shaker of lands. The blast from his nostrils can split the cedars of Lebanon, or he can crush galaxies within the palms of his hands. He is the mover of mountains, He is the separater of seas. He is the lion of judah that brought nations to their knees. Oh lord who am l to the likes of you! I am in awe of all your Glory and in fear of all you can do! Oh Lord l didn't didn't know l was in rebellion against you but now shall bend a knee in fact my Lord,  l shall bend two. And this incredible being shows his mercy as l pray to thee He slowly slides to the edge of his throne and says to his Angels. Do you hear what this man is saying to me?! Gabriel l need you to make it to this man immediately And Michael if anything attack him, you back him because l am making this man's prayers my priority and then and only then he will know that l am God, Jehovah, Elohi, and with my son we are Elohim And if he submits to my will and believes in my son l will bestow the Holy Spirit unto him. So my Angels fly far and free and bring back he who once lost, bring him  back to me because l sacrificed my son to save the entore world And this is meant for Every man Woman Boy And every girl And there is no exception For they were all once enemies of mine But now l will give them with a glorious reception til the end of all time. archangels to the cheribim continue to Praise to the Holiest of Holies until the end of all days and when the trumpets blow Let the holy choir sing That the world will confess yes everyone will confess That l am Lord of lords and l am the king of kings Let us Praise about who he is He is the lion of Judah his roar can be heard throughout all the nations It bellows ye who believes in me there shall be no condemnation for l have taken on the cross and died for your sins and hell shall not prevail to whoms heart shall let me in now salvation paves your destination to stand next to the son of man but first you must not Passover instead feast upon God's sacrificial lamb. For he was the ark of noah and the sacrifice of Abraham and when Moses stood upon Mount Sinai the bush that blazed before him was he simply known as I am For he says I am worthy to be followed. Because he says l am worthy to be to heal your sorrows. Because he says l am worthy to be your hope for tomorrow. Yes my brother he is worthy To Tread Where Angels trod not just because he is the son of man but because he is God By God's hand l shall prevail. By God's hand I'll stand against the fury Of hell. By God's hand I Will gain great strength By God's hand my faith will be stretched to great lengths By God's hand l will rise above By God's hand l will display great love By God's hand l will not shy By God'shand l will not die By God's hand l will demand For on your hand God that's where I stand
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