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On God, Faith, Evolution and the Evil in this World
[This excerpt from a memoir I wrote 20 years ago seems sadly apropos given the recent mass murders and bombings] This then is where my faith lies:that it will all work out in the long run, whether it's the micro-state of the soul or the macro-organization of the human race. We are unique, apart from all other species for whatever quirks in evolution led us to develop reason, imagination, language. We may have come about through evolution, but that does not mean we humans--cognizant, sentient, self-aware and potentially unlimited in our ability to create or destroy--are flukes of the Universe as we would be if evolution had come about through blind chance working on circumstance in linear time. Even if I did not know man has a soul, or to be more accurate the soul has man while he walks his ever too brief time on earth, I would still find a stumbling block with classical idea of evolution. For thousands of years good people have wondered why God allows evil in this world, but when you think on it, evil, not good, may be the best 'proof' for the existence of a merciful, loving yet fearsome God: the God of the Old and New Testaments, the God of the Upanishads, the God of the Ramayana, Allah of the Koran. Evil always destroys, first without, then within. Evil never creates, it cannot create. ( It has always struck me how much time and effort are involved in creation as compared to destruction: Months are needed to build a building or paint a masterwork or create a human being, yet they can be destroyed in a moment. Is that perhaps why we especially feel the tragedy of young lives cut short or old lives ended after a lifetime of learning? ) Evil never expands, it always shrinks to less and less. It can only go in one direction: from light and color to darkness and black. Evil is counter to all the tenets of evolution:it works AGAINST the survival of the species as our history of world wars and mega-destructive technology demonstrate-- to the point where we can literally kill off all life above ground in less than an hour. I know of no other species that does evil or good for that matter. Wild animals live and survive by instinct, and what 'good' we see animals do, like taking care of their young is due to the strongest of instincts, the maternal. Animals, by and large, have little choice in what they do, while we humans choose all the time, even when we make the passive choice of acquiescence.
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