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Don't Lose Faith
Raise me up to His healing stream Don’t adhere to crazy-chaotic Calamity, my dear Make believe is a dreary, dragging dream Thrive to survive, my darling, and have no fear… God is here Christ will rise I will be there for you as well Just close your eyes I saw you talking to your peers Christ has sacrifice himself for our sins to the remarkably marvelous core God will remember your sins no more…we won’t be mad or sad anymore It appears that you’re doing a lot better than I thought I want to taste your angelic, luscious lips on my own I haven’t got to say goodbye, yet you are in my mind lot…a whole lot.. I need your beauty and knowledge or I’ll be left alone I know I've affected myself With my moody, strange behavior Left alone in the left shelf I’m a survivor, but Christ and our Father is our savior I am predicting a dilemma that will never happen But, God and Jesus know where I have been… You and I shouldn’t act like losers, playing the victim by telling scornful lies I still believe we are divine, spiritual winners in God's gracious, majestic eyes And they know my every sin over and over again; I embrace the grace of winning first place in life's rough race – I need to keep pace, so slow down and let me solemnly gaze Christ will return, but I am left with just paper and pen…so I use my nearly-cemented ink to write the question: When will Christ return and God's Kingdom going to take place? I’m stuck in a phase and my conscience needs some positive praise Accidentally, I slightly struggle with jealousy and comparing and contrasting…I see the cons and pros in life and I know the difference far more than I ever did before honestly Enough about me – please give me a reason to not waste away today because you have a far more adequate and a very efficient future than me… Don’t lose faith, hon Don’t lose faith Don’t…don’t lose faith I don’t doubt that you have it within you I doubt I’ll be as intelligent and silly as you, But you haven’t a clue what I've been through Only thing I will change about myself - ah, that is truly new I won't repeat the ridiculous things I do in front of you Please don’t be so sentimental and I’m sorry that I wasn’t courteous of your sereneless sensitivity Please don’t tell me the past because you almost hit my soft spot…let’s all move forward possibly I will be your dawn when it’s dusk outside I will always be your stars in the midnight sky You are the moon of mesmerizing and motivated meanderings The shadows of the deep forest is where I hide The wilderness and desert left me feeling dry Be a champion, yes you! Try with your might and be a light of the world all the time Don’t get me all tied up in your web of confusion all over again Be a fighter for peace – don’t demoralize the Word, which is spiritually a remedy and oh so sublime Be an intricate, delicate, and a brazen scorpion…and then – I noticed that you were caught up in a façade-like figment…I won’t discourage you or build up resentment within me Did you even know my perilous, yet harmless illusion that I have kept inside for years? I feel like I remain stagnant sometimes or even every year frankly That's strange enough This is why you're overwhelmed and anxious Listen closely - life's rough I get it completely, but quit your shenatagins and its bothersome ruckus Oh my dear, have some cheer...I don't mean to interfere and it's clear to me that you don't want me near Be of good cheer and courage Don’t be such a cowardly deer It’s all gutter water below the Lord's Refuge bridge... Let me silently ascend beyond and above So, let me see what you see...once again Let me descend down and under, my love I won't just give up on you there and then
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