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The soul Errand and other poems
The Soul Errand To Sir Walter Raleigh Tomb. Since my soul shall though go Upon a thankless arrent too I fear not to touch the best so The truth shall be my warrant through I went since I need must die To gave the world the lie. I say to the court, it glows And shine like the rotten wood I say to the church, it shows What`s good and doth no good And as the church and court reply I gave them both the lie. And I tell potentates, they live Acting by other`s same action Not been loved unless they give Not that strong, but by a faction And as potentates so reply I gave potentates the lie. Then men of high condition That so manage the estate Who`s purpose is ambition For their practice only hate I replied as the once reply That I gave them all the lie. I tell them that brave it most That bag for more by spending Who in their greatest cast Seek noting but commanding And as they make their reply I gave them all the lie. O I tell zeal it wants devotion And for love it is but lust I tell time it is but motion But to flesh it is but dust And I wish them no reply For I must though gave the lie. I tell age it daily wasteth I tell honour how it alters I tell beauty how she blasteth And to favour how it falters Though they so reply And I gave everyone the lie. So to wit of how much it wrangles In tickle point of niceness I tell wisdom she entangle Herself in over wiseness And when they do reply I straightly gave them the lie. While physic of her boldness And skill of all it pretension I tell charity of her coldness Law of its contention They do though reply So I gave them still the lie. I tell fortune of her blindness And to nature of decay I tell friendship of unkindness So to justice of her delay While they all reply I gave them all the lie. Arts have no soundness But vary by esteeming That school want profoundness And stood too much on seeming As art and school so reply I gave art and school the lie. And faith that it fled the city I tell how the country erreth I tell manhood it shakes off pity That virtue least preferreth And as they all reply I never spare to give the lie. Act I now all you command Telling the world in all you thought Of law of church of faith to end Of physics of age of honour at night Stab now at me he that will No stab shall touch my soul be kill. The High Hill Breeze. How massive and tall are you dear That the heavenly sky lay its body here, And the mother earth envies your richness For all beauty behold your pretence. Are you a mountain or a type of it; That trees, large birds, to reptiles home feet? Though, man had no record to tale your myth, That you alone had witness day and night. So I climb furthermore so high I climb, Putting leaves ten step ahead one to not be snub Will you tell me yourself or I do have to listen To the malty strange scary song sounding too thin That the more for I go that the more fear I breath. Fare Well O Little Brother. I Fare well o little brother Since you have no choose stay That you journey down our border Through the vain and womb to say For nine month or so in mother womb And to day the earth receive you in tomb. II Dry your tears mother don’t cry You are of sixty and seven and so That was a fate you chose then way Why shall your tears much fall oh no Just bid it well and let go the odd Let go the odd and forth him your word. Tell the Mai Tell the Mai that war had come Knocking the wooden gate better he wake Though the knight commander seem calm And the foes army are about to break In in hundreds with spear, swords, arrow, bow To send down his head or his knees low. If be asked from what messenger Tell the Mai his gayest spy From the afar land where dwell thunder That at first night when the light die They shall forth blood from the natives eyes They shall hump on the children before their eyes. O tell the Mai that war had come Knocking the wooden gate better he wake Though the knight commander seem calm And the foes army are about to break In, in hundreds with spear, swords, arrow, bow, To send down his head or his knees low.
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