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It Reads Like A Rap
Your rhyme reads like a rap they say, a rap I say, a rap they say, perhaps but rap is rhyme you see, it's rhyme really, it's rhyme you see, this poem is not lyrical, no not at all, not lyrical, 'cus songs use words repeatedly, repeat you see, repeatedly. We'll use that as the chorus, it's easy and thoughtless, lets build a rhyme fortress with verse summersaultus, not a word but I don't care, eating apples grapes and pears, seeking angles of praise from flair, story starts now take a chair. Out in public with clothes removed, I've had this dream but now it's true, a dude that's nude and on the move, without a pube all in plain view, swing it like a helicopter, round and round 'til someone stops ya, grab some weed and party poppers, run down streets to dart from coppers, drinking aftershock that shocks ya, always after the shot has docked ya, stick your head between some knockers, wake up thick lipped at the doctors. (Chorus) Write it like a conversation, it might give it a new dimension, in that last verse you forced the rhyme, of course that's fine in this rap rhyme, 'cus rap is rhyme it's rhyme they rap, that is a fact a fact is that, by it's nature rap is rhyme, if it reads like a rap then it reads like a rhyme, does that mean always rhyme is rap, of course it isn't it's less than that, now that sounds mean, what do you mean, rap rhymes are rhymes and rap, rhymes just rhyme they're not rap, well what's this verse then is it rap? No my friend this verse is crap, I hope they remember this is a conversation, they're not reading you lost their attention. (Chorus) A third verse now this is long winded, it's forced and pointless poets cringing, get back to the story, now you were knocked out, yes and I remember nowt, then what the hell's this rhyme about, it's like a selfie with lips that pout, no one cares except the poser, that means no one notes the nose hair, wrap this up it's going nowhere, rap it up like you're a rapper, this poem keeps on getting crapper, no one's read as far as here, in this worse rhyme you've wrote all year, at least it flows like hip hop songs, it flows with flow its flow is strong, to flow like this use words not long, here's the chorus lets sing along. (Chorus) it reads like a hip hop POTD 17/10/2018
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