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The Stench
I woke up this morning with courage over my back and wisdom in my hat I was determined to put an end to the sneaky kangaroo rats No one had done me anything but I was reeling from within I was carrying someone else’s weight and I felt alienate But this morning the sun began to shine because Jesus was on my mind And I was ready to scale the next hurdle and eliminate the residual burden There was no turning back I am determined to give it all that I’ve got I completed my morning devotion and went back to bed But the full moon hiding and drifting under the clouds Kept shifting over the watershed forcing me prematurely out of bed I felt as if I had something urgent to do before I could get that break through I grabbed my bike from the front balcony and forget about the formality I hurried through the old wooden door, down the concrete pavement and started to implore I took a shortcut through the north road to unburden the workload and I felt Something intriguing descending upon me. It made me feel fresh I headed towards the West gate but something forced me unto the tracks I rode around the mini stadium three times with a clear and concise mind I felt the divine close to me and something started to propel me I kept going faster and faster and I felt like a speeding helicopter I do not know where I got all of that power, I got stronger and stronger I leaped up the steps without losing a breath, I felt like leaping The energy kept bubbling up inside and my soul was satisfied I left the stadium and continued my journey towards the west but The gate was not opened yet I went through the south gate and powered down the road I had no specific destination in mind, I was just obeying the divine I was heading towards the west but every sign I saw said east The morning was still and few people were in the street Cars lined up on both sides of the street and the tall concrete buildings Spilled the sleeping lights from within It is supposed to be the Mid-Autumn festival but everything was quiet as a lamb No Uncle Sam, no program, and I could not find my friend from Amsterdam I kept going towards the end of the road and the east turned into south I journeyed towards the roundabout and my spirit began to shout Amen, hallelujah, no drama, no disaster The road was clear and I had nothing to fear The south turned into north and I was in the vicinity of the train station I have never been on this side of heaven Different food, different fools, different mood I have finally trampled over the multitude and regained my solitude I felt a heavy burden lifted off my head so I made a u-turn And headed back home, I felt as though I was retracing my steps And there was something that I have not discovered yet I went back the same way I came but when I reached the Big garbage heap I suddenly pivot up the hill, cut through the park And entered the other side of town. I didn’t know why I made that move, but it was a brilliant countermove It took me closer to my destination, overturned the evil indignation And catapult my polls up to the heavens I felt comfortable on that other side of town because not many people were around and there was no one to frown I continued my journey until I reach the crossroads and I could read the codes I have never been to this place before four traffic lights hang from the post And four roads twirling round and round with little side roads attached to them This is where the details resides “What do I do now?” I whispered inside I did not know which way to turn So I stopped my bicycle and looked around for a while Then I obeyed and follow my spiritual guide I went in the middle of the cross road And stood on a block and raised my hands above my head All of a sudden I knew exactly where to go I rode quickly up the hill and in minutes I was going in the right direction I went back to the other side of town and got down to business I headed towards the real east and all of a sudden a big rat came in-front of me, it had nowhere to hide so it ran back to the garbage at the side I rode over the entire town but not a sign that says west was to be found As I headed towards the East my breast began to increase passion was running inside and I felt the Holy Spirit by my side The big sun stood over my head and drenched me with passion from heaven I parked my bike on the roadside in-front of the public tennis court and began to write But I did not know that someone was watching me from the other side I held up my head briefly and woman in a brown dress smiled and greeted me merrily I extended my gratitude and continued to write I rode down the road and the black car that was parked on the other side drove in front of me and made a u-turn I made a u-turn too and headed home While I was powering away a garbage truck suddenly came my way It rumbled around the town leaving a bad stench behind it But I could stomach it and I kept riding behind it I quickly got away from it and at no point did I spit The man in the black car that was watching me Parked secretly in the corner of the garbage bins And the garbage truck was parked in front of him Oh what a wimp! He was spreading the stench in town But I exposed him and forced him out of the town I rode away from them and finally I could breathe fresh air again The sun is in the position where it belongs But there was no sign that says west on the other side of town North, South, and East are all positioned in the west I can read the street signs, I am not blind. The stench is hiding under my feet step on it and the journey will be complete.
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