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A BIG BAD WOLF Once upon a rhyme and time, Lived a wily wolf Whose only thought, Was to dine, He looked greedy And lean and a little mad, And his yellow teeth Looked very bad! One day in the early morn, He spotted a piece of red ribbon That had been torn, By a branch in the icy snow, And footprints that did Clearly show, That lunch could be nigh He salivated, The wolf relied on his eager eye! His greedy intent, Was growing As the wolf smelt A familiar scent. Unaware of the danger Of this creepy Creature, Whose cunningness, was A reputed feature, The little girl with a red hat And cape, Skipped through the woods, Ignoring A persistent shadowy shape! She skipped so much She was in a dizzy whirl, At this point the wolf overtook Her with a speed and a swirl. She continued skipping Through the woods, And the snow covered trees, And was glad she had brought Ointment for her granny’s knees. She knocked on her granny’s door Door and heard, A loud noise, “Come in dear” said A very strange voice. The little girl placed her basket Next to her granny’s bed And bent to stir The fire of amber and wood, But her granny looked angry, Ugly and mean, And had lost a lot of weight And looked pretty lean, Her teeth looked too sharp And her eyes too big, And granny looked as if she Was wearing a wig! The little girl then noticed The size of her snout, This is not right, she thought, This is not granny, She is nowhere about! For unknown to this girl Dressed in red, The wolf had devoured granny, Rather uncanny! Now very frightened, She ran straight out, Screamed for help, it was near, Lumberjacks came To her rescue , And told her not to fear. The lumberjacks therefore have Ended this rhythm, As they caught the wolf, And shortened his life and time! They returned the little girl to Her home, And advised, her parents To not let her roam For the woods held Many a hungry pest, And rather she was never Again put to the test! However, this story carries on. The lumber man had a young son, Who knew this pretty little girl, Who was always in a spin or whirl. She grew up and became An aesthetic sight And if truth be told, had won the The heart of the lumberman’s Son with a fearsome might, Which she knew of none! She moved to the big city, To secure a job, The young man followed her, He didn’t Want her to ever sob, He feared that being so So pretty she could Become a statistic of pity, For there were many two legged Wolves in the city! He accidentally bumped into her One Afternoon, She recognized him and was glad, And very soon, They bridged the gap between The past and the present Went to the chapel And were wed She wore her favorite red, And had no dread, For her husband was near, No creepy persistent shape, To follow her red cap and cape!
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