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Returning To The Astral Nest
1. The story started in sunshine on the sea shore 2. in reminiscent ambience like the French Riviera 3. where the colors of sunset were painting horizon. 4. When twilight merged with descending darkness of dusk 5. I saw your flashing figure, a fleeting deer, on the beach, 6. hair on air making charming lace on your face 7. blushing in serene grace in setting sun’s hued embrace. 8. The lasting picture I made into dream, I knew it could break. 9. That’s how my heart weaved love, and you … amorous tapestry 10. your sweet arms laid on an ardent pathway for me. 11. I saw it wind toward you as you paced in the wind, 12. a scene I’d seen in the mist of dream … I hadn’t missed. 13. The reverie came true when I slowly strode near you, 14. you let me hold your hands supple, how alluring they were 15. my mind felt … your love wasn’t the farthest one 16. for you were keen to lend your hand usher it in 17. from the waxing waves with the whispering wind 18. that broke the deafening silence between you and me 19. for we heard melody of romance in the air, in the heart 20. repeated again and again like the breaking waves, 21. the crests crowned by pearls pristine of the dancing sea. 22. In my own heart I could feel that you became only mine 23. so … together we could fly in the limpid sky of longing life. 24. At sundown hour like birds to the astral nest we’d return. September 13, 2018 Poetic devices used in lines : 1. Alliteration, 2. Allusion, 3. Ambiguity, 4. Antithesis (also Alliteration), 5. Apposition (also Alliteration), 6. Assonance (also Consonance and Enjambment), 7. Consonance, 8. Dissonance (also Metaphor), 9. Ellipsis (also Enjambment), 10. Euphony (also Enjambment), 11. Homograph, 12. Homophone (also Ellipsis), 13. Internal Rhyme, 14. Inversion (also Enjambment), 15, Litote (also Ellipsis), 16. Metonymy (also Internal Rhyme), 17. Onomatopoeia (also Alliteration and Personification), 18. Oxymoron, 19. Parallelism (also Enjambment), 20. Tautology (also Simile), 21. Personification, 22. Pleonasm, 23. Metaphor (also Ellipsis and Alliteration), 24. Simile.
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