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Paradise Speaks Integrity
Integrity of resilient harmony teaches WinWin strategy, Egos are a holonic DNA-driven health-fragment of one interdependently living wealth ecosystem. Integrity invites active healthy love-steps harmonic with all OriginaLife sacred gift Creation. Love need not accept negative ripped-off attitude risks or Loser beliefs in original jealous anger-god and divine punishing fear or unfaithful over-productive hoarding sin vocations as stewards of secular mammon against sacred MamaEarth But Love co-arises co-operatively co-owned ego/ecotherapeutic power-with policies and strategic design procedures, Power within all WinNature/WinSpirit games and systems economically TrustInvested. Love sees EgoDominant anthro-sapiens coorperatively responsible farmers and gardeners for land and identity restorations Rather than not so healthy LeftBrain dominion over merely natural commodified, not at all spiritual qualified, potentially productive LandRights of extractive slave mastery destined to over-power manifest water-bearing grace balance with and for all natural/spiritual animal integrity. Integral ecopolitics invests in OriginaLove WinNature/WinSpirit co-operative owners of a love life in health harmony leaking trust with resilient ego/ecotherapeutic co-present Earth. AnthroSapien WiseElders chose, and continue to choose, WinWin creolization within all DNA-integral sacred Others. In hellish contrast, Ego-hoarding schools for nature v spirit predators preach inhumane doctrines patriarchal dis-integrative disjunctive dissonant inappropriate distancing diminishing matriarchally reborn and nurtured cooperative co-creation. Paradise was not Originally Sinned into fragmented commodified bought and sold and rented and enslaved parts using ZeroSum Win/Lose competitive Fattest God Wins power-overing assumptions anti-eco- and ego- and theo-logical health wealthy TaoTime and yin-water and wu-wei you. Integrity recognizes Land as interdependent slow-growing kin, as holonic part of matriarchal domestic peace lineage from Original LoveLife restoratively reconnecting all EarthTribes. Love includes a healthy paradise opportunity responsibility authority to wealth-care for land and water as we do for Other WinWin ecosystemic extended resilient relatives. Integrity is just an Original WinWin Love word reweaving deeper interdependent connections, wider co-relational obligations co-arising opportunities to resilient healthy creation stories, DNA-diversely wealthy Original Paradise love-life womb transpositioning EcoPolitical scientific sacred revolutions Polypathic journeys Home to SecularHere with SacredTime Left integrity co-arising Right WiseElder Synergy of co-operative healthy-wealth.
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