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I got up this morning in a good mood searching for solitude in the distant skies And watching the clouds rolling by I stopped and listened to the sounds around me While contemplating my sacred destiny Barking dogs and singing magpies resonate from a distance And then appeared a strange artificial cricket sound out of nowhere A weird buzzing sound surfaced too trying to grip me and you The torturing sounds run through the cables on the light post into the house If you listen carefully you can hear them all around These strange sounds are positioned to rock our nerves I turned up the music very loud to drown out the torturing sound I watched the bright orange sun forcing its way from behind the crowded buildings, old buildings with mold and dirt soaked inside and whitewashed paint stripping from the side The sun spills its light on trees and on the window ledge raising up the dead I just could not get a good view of the sun because of the barriers around The sun shine vehemently but the moon hides under the clouds, taking the weather up and down The pleasant morning filled my heart with gladness But later I felt deep sadness when I saw a car opposite my door With a the model marking Trumpchi Sadness suddenly comes over me And I felt a sudden rage in my spirit The yellow jacket wasp invaded my balcony too Sending a strong message to me and you, I am not allergic or afraid of them So I sprayed and killed all of them Trumpchi has been parading around the town Spring, summer and all year round Driving up and down in the crowded streets Spreading a strange obscure heat But it’s the first time they parked it in front of my door The Devil really knows how to get under my core The (chi-qi air) force came directly to antagonize me But the Holy Spirit was standing by to guide me I smashed the red bucket into several pieces And eradicate the bad nasty energy I send back the nasty spirit to where it belongs Then wash and scrub to remove all the mud While the angels stood over me to keep my company At least I regain my composure and felt a hundred percent better It wasn’t the yellow jackets that bothered me It was the evil spirit that was passing through I walked about and start reflecting on my past journey I am going in the direction of the sun It is splashing warmth all over my face And I am waiting patiently for your embrace It has just stopped raining and the water is draining The soft earth caressed the fresh green grass And the tall trees look at me with awe and curiosity It has been a turbulent ride mixing with strange people Whose habits and customs are different from everyone Customs dated as far back as the stone age They made me think deep and struggle in my sleep The desert stood still on the other side Forcing severe heat in the sweltering train And sucking up the moisture that is inside me The earth has been crying out for days And here I am listening quietly to its praise How did I find myself in these people company They all squat in the train picking their nose Biting their nails and digging their ears Chirping and burping like fugitives birds And slurping noodles from their wooden bowl Their voices where shouting above me and the stifling smoke From their cheap cigarette penetrated the aisles We sat there as burden bearers and wisdom makers And some were meant to dance and sing I can’t forget those gruesome days when we had nothing but Hard dry crisp earth, the plants perished, crops die And we hardly had food to keep us alive Meager cattle meandering up and down the hard dry thirsty farmland Feeding on dry grass and looking for a greener land With my face pressed on the train glass we glide over layers Of hard dry dirt with no substance in the earth Cows and sheep feeding out into the deep Their babies looking desperately for something to eat But the aging hard dry cracked earth has stirred up an awful drought Burning trees stood on hard dry land and scorched grass looking for a helping hand The trees and the skies are crying out help but there is no way out It has not rained for months and the crops are constrained The earth is as hard as stone And boulders are thundering down The shelves are bare and empty The heat is busting up my feet And my spirit wandered out in the deep We have fall back in the primitive days When there was nothing but dirt and clay People traveled on horses form a long distance To seek out a greener land I looked out the train window and think deeply Nothing can grow on hard dry land People kept moving from land to land What on earth is holding up the universe? Is it something that is diverse or is it a higher power? I already know the answer but I keep looking for more The train thundered through the dark tunnel And blocked my view for a brief moment Up the tracks and down the road The bushes on either side kept the rodent alive Abandon houses shows up everywhere People have been moving from year to year They stare at me in the dark looking for someone to make a new start Daylight found us on the other side with the angles holding the light Suddenly a light flashed through the train and a mad wind blow through the trees Without warning the spell was broken and the rain thundered down Soaking up the stubborn hard earth all around the city Grazing sheep and horses spread out in the field having a treat People running around looking happy and cooling down the heat The water soaked up the hard dry earth and the soft earth gives rise to blooming flowers and green grass Luscious fruits hang from trees signifying that the mission is complete The farmers are beating drums and dancing merrily in the street The smell of passion fruit perfume the atmosphere Telling me that you are here I am unleashed and I want to kiss your feet.
Copyright © 2020 Christine Phillips. All Rights Reserved