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July Bride
I was so anxious to get away but I did not realize what was on the way I got a standing ticket because all the tickets have been sold out some on the black market, others to friends, travelers and family I was happy to accept it but had no idea what the consequences would be I boarded the train and headed towards the north east I was happy and overjoyed but later I found myself backed up into a little corner on the crowded train; I sweated and was almost gasping for fresh air People spread out on the ground everywhere, cigarette smokers, farm worker and everyone packed together and mingling with one another I did not covered half of my journey when the smoking started to bother me I rebuked the men smoking beside me and told them to show respect for the passengers beside them; they moved away slowly and smoked on the other side But one bald-head and fat man with fierce and defiant eyes continued to smoke inside He looked at me with scorn and blows the smoke up into the air as if he wanted to pick a fight I was sucked up into a little corner with all kind of people around me The train dropping off and picking people up as if it was a mini bus or a taxi I stood in the same spot for the one day and a night absorbing the bad smells And listened to boisterous noise spinning around in my head My swollen feet could not find a comfortable spot so I paced from side to side in the little corner while looking at the scenery through the dusty window Just across from me a little boy stared at me until we both became company He ate for the entire journey and his hyperactive behavior caught everyone's attention I shifted my focus to the outside world to see if I could meet someone I glide passed tall brick buildings parachuting in the air They were shaking their body as if something was about to happen They looked at me with piercing eyes shouting in miserable voices and the train drifted slowly I thought I was listening to a symphony but it was the awful noise behind nothing could amuse me Building whose steel has rusted over the years lined up on both sides of the street staring as if they have a story to tell me A story that has been welled up for many years The centuries have past and the scenery remains the same Everyone is playing the same old dirty game nothing has changed The playboy sits beside me with droopy face and pinhole eyeball Shifting his head from place to place could hardly control himself He kept digging at his phone highlighting his overgrown dark finger nails The scent of tobacco escaped from his breath when he talks on the phone spreading unpleasant fragrance in the atmosphere The blotches and scars on his face tells a crucial story that was out of date I kept my eyes at the scenery outside and glance at him occasionally I saw the faces of pretty girls lined up on his phone and watched him moving their photos around He giggles at them as if he was a good lover boy He was not a teenager or an adolescent he was a grown man in early or midst fifty His short and skinny statue tells an interesting story Many girls call him but he could not make up his mind He spoke loudly on the phone disturbing everyone around I tried to zoom out the chatter but it got louder and louder His date could not meet him at the station but at another spot “That’s impossible why you can’t meet me I will not come if you cannot meet me at the station” he shouted at the top of his voice in despair I watch the disappointed melted in his face sucking his manhood pride away He traveled for days on the train to meet the pretty girl But half an hour before the train reaches the stop the meeting was abruptly over, his date stood him up He could hardly held back the tears so he rubbed his beard occasionally to sink the terrible embarrassment I watched him sniffles and stare blindly as if he was trying to reach out to someone who was not there After all he is a farmer and he grows dates that’s why he had so many of them I positioned myself in the corner of the train and I sat on a little stool on the floor that he had lent me and he sat on his little traveling bag. I watched his every move I did not close my eyes as long as he was around me He used my back pack as a pillar and occasionally touches me with his shoulder The space was so small I could not murmurer His date turned sour and he must live with this guilt forever He left his wife and children in the dark looking for a brand new start I felt sorry for him but deep down I know that it was a sin I started to feel that my presence has change the entire situation Anything that is not right that comes across me is bound to disclose in broad daylight I did not lift a finger or do anything but everything changed for him What a night, what a journey People sprawled all over the dirty train floor Carrying all kind of bag and pans Moving up and down like a restless man Heavens know where I have been I wondered when the journey was going to end And how bitter experience can cause us to bend I can still see the water springing up in his eyes He was crying deeply inside for his lost bride He saved up a lot of money to have the time of his life But the dream died before he reached the final stop And tearful eyes wait patiently for the next date to arrive He has lost his July bride
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