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Achilles, The Journey To Troy, Part Two
Achilles, The Journey To Troy, (Part Two) of (Part One-titled, Achilles, His Heart and Soul Were Mortal) Achilles, The Journey To Troy Woe! wretched horrors Olympic gods sent that day mighty king suffered, his treasure stolen away, power of Troy against very strongest of Grecian might testing magnificent force of fantastic Spartan fight! Saving proud Greek honor was the summoning call an arrogant king demanded Troy's suffering fall, swift as Hermes, to mighty warriors, messengers sent his request soon answered, as they came in flooding torrents. As Grecian phalanx were boarding its warring ships strong was the question upon the warriors lips, Achilles! Achilles! Will our fight he now we brave join he answering not to king's selfish whims or golden coins. Roaring loud happy cheers as his ship sails were seen warriors, certain victories plunders they'd glean, his godlike bearing seen forward, warship soft splashing prow for not even Troy's massive walls, could ever stop them now! Soon Troy's riches they would gather with bloody hands slaughter its haughty citizens, burn its rich lands, steal its power and gold, take its pretty women as slaves for its massive sins, cast its rabble into early graves! Sacrifices made to Ares they could not fail their gods had sent favoring winds filling their sails, Poseidon. rewarded faithful kings, had given their dues they sailed on with courage, pride of warriors and ships crews. Eager to land and fight battles for glory's sake to Olympic gods they prayed, their lives not to take, gift them courage and hone razor sharp their slashing sharp blades allow the sweet pleasures of victor's homecoming parades. Dawn's rays saw Achilles ship surging far ahead he had his prowess and dark blood-lust to be fed, in his heart he knowing, this great battle would be his last glory and fame taken, would forever set world aghast! As night fell, they knew new day's light, would blood-lust sate they each sought to placate dark master of their Fate, with prayers and incense to burning throughout dark fog of night each prepared for this, the greatest of all their warring fights! Robert J. Lindley, 8-12-2018 (Part Two) - The Journey To Troy Syllables Per Line: 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 0 12 12 14 14 Total # Syllables: 468 Total # Words: 340
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