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Love Lesson Planning
First, imagine, if you can, "Love" is not just a many splendored thing, although it is that, but behaviorists and existentialists behavioralize the complex of emotions and consciousness wearing that synergetic label as active, sometimes spontaneous "cooperation," an antonym for "competition." Now, Imagine you grew up in a language where "sacred" and "spiritual" are synonymous with proactive soul "cooperation." And "secular" and "natural" are synonyms for "competition" or even "evolution" or devastatingly uneven "capitalism." For example, Imagine a WiseElder MotherTree in a deep richly cooperative widely sacred/secular continent of cooperatively self-governing virgin forests. Now, if it's not too much of a bifocal struggle, turn inward to imagine your Left hemisphere frontal cortex normally defaulting Either/Or deductive languaged Win/Lose logistical labels in which one static domesticated frame can be a causal Win for Ego with a non-egalitarian, colonizing, predative prediction of a co-responding Loser effect for some NotEgo. This is a ZeroSum competitive LeftBrain disassociated from RightBrain victim co-identification, A secular cause-effect bipolar view of natural evolutionary law of and for the best healthiest abled in chronic dissonant tension with humane spiritual Golden Wealth Rules-- mutual Original Intent CoOperating Love, pro-active WinWin Sacred Grace. Meanwhile, over in our cooperating ElderRight frontal cortex we summarize co-enabling confluent creolization between limbic emotions, PositivEnergy in re-creative tension with NegativEntropy in-between temporal positive/negative regenerative/degenerative trends enabling WinWin through LoseLose correlations of bicameral Left/Right bilateral time experienced responsively Here with authoritative orthodox Now, Sometimes feeling oppositional distrusted, ego-dismissed, disabled chaotic LoseLose, And sometimes feeling appositional mistrusting dissonant complexly WinLose uncreative tension--so far, And hopefully feeling co-enabling polypathic WinWin FutureTrust, BusinessAsUnusual Bull/Bear creolizing eyes and ears can notice Both/And inductive nuances where Left deductive Either/Or bipolar fundamental disassociation, anti ego/eco confluence, in-between sacred cooperative causes and competitive secular disabling desecrating competition effects, together grow more responsibly futured co-operating authoritative pasts advocating active multicultural creolization, like MotherTrees shepherding Holy Virgin MatriarchalNatured Forests, gardens of nature/spirit Paradise. As a final cognitive DNA mapping leap, try imagining cooperative sacred enabling causes traditionally describe secular four-seasoned WinWin development projects ecopolitical parties personal projections for best social therapeutic health trends. I can imagine competing secular-natural experiences every day denounce further WinLose suboptimal disabilities co-dependencies blind to valuing newborn WinWin enabling choices due to toxic pathology trends against nature/spirit codependent resilience. Aging time supposes, possibly even co-empathically proposes, these co-arising points of dipolar contrast, not bipolar contest, Creolizing secularity within sacred RealTime historic sacred revolutions, competing Either/Or double-boundaries within cooperative Both/And options favoring bilateral consciousness WinWinning a uniquely human-struggling Win/Lose duality within divine re-creating WinWin active choices to live cooperatively for internal/external enabling regenerative timeless health rather than fundamentally competing against internal/external anger/fear/hatred LoseLose disenabling toxic BusinessAsUsual colonization, predation, degeneration, cognitive/affective dissonance, chronic paranoid hypnotic fascinations about going dipolar Both/And and not going pathological climate stress bipolar. I imagine cooperation is to sacred theological GoldenRule theories of Original Intent as competition is to secular ecologically challenging WinLose experiences foreshadowing NegativEntropic closed universal system degeneration denying bilaterally active enabling secular/sacred games competing against time for cooperatively resilient WinWin outcomes, Healthy-Wealth responsible Futures strong-flowing Yang with Yin present through past authoritative co-investments co-empowering creolization, co-acclimation co ego/eco dependent WinWin Revolutions. Cooperation is the walk of revolutionary peace activists and sometimes the talk of evolutionary green activism applied to Earth planet most primordially, then to all DNA and RNA regenerating plants and finally, to all humane/divine therapeutic loving people, living, gone, and yet to come. Imagine we grow out through an informing culture in which "sacred" and "spiritual" pro-actively unveil icons describing pro-active WinWin cooperative creolization-- which a Taoist might describe as Yin with Yang with, and not against, ego/eco enabling acclimation, and a Zen Buddhist knows as ZeroZone bilateral consciousness and a Christian feels within as Holy Matriarchal NatureSpirit.
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