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HellFire On Earth
Dear Donald John and GoodFaith Followers, CoInvestors, ProActive Prayers for Rapturous Redemption from Eternal Hellish paranoid Left EgoVoices anger and fear Right SpiritFeelings ecodarkly terrified from and of dying death. Your LeftBrain does not lack for paranoid Win/Lose conviction We must live in a dog eat pussycat real business world of quality patriarchal competitions for Believers choosing this life-restorative death-retributive secular-sacred wu-wei Wealthing ways against ZeroSum Win/Lose unregulated competitors less healthy robust, prey to be bought as cheaply and rapaciously as possible by AlphaDogs needing more consumers to forage meals from commodified forests and rivers, and clean up after super industrial violence of not-so-wise Elder Alpha SuperElite Lusty bullies against their witches. Such LeftBrain multicultural powers are perpetually at risk, and lack RightBrain's WinWin strategic and systemic flow of healing seasons, and, frankly, more valuable nondualistic opportunities for humane/divine orthodox authority, both secularly deductive and sacredly inductive transubstantiated, orthodox WinWin historical confidence, multicultural intra/inter-comparative curiosity, therapeutic cooperative co-empathic communication, co-governance, of Left with Right mindbodies, restoring secular justice reweaving sacred unfolding peace/grace organic wealth Each ecopolitically metaphoric between RedYang competitions grateful for GreenYin CoOperative Democratic EcoOwnership through Earth ReForesting CEO Health Management Public and private service delivered with Ego and Eco Political CoIntelligence, polypathic cross-referencing resonance, polyphonic Ancient Sacred GreenRight brain stems with MotherTree wombed eco-systemic root systems seeking more robust yin-water flow nutritional resilience. Intelligence rooted in RightBrain authorized LeftBrain deductively convicted transubstantiating, co-acclimating, creolizing WinWin sacred ego/ecological co-relational ZeroZone beloved re-memories. We live in a nondualist healthy Yang with Yin cooperative RealTime integrative potential to ecopolitically restore EarthTribe Democracy more opportunistically Revolutionary confluently Green CoOperative convictedly BiLaterally CoArising Health/Wealth exegetically WinWin restoring elixirs of double-binding Yang/Yin justice wu-wei nutritional more authoritatively wealth more convincingly health-trending more empowered co-arising WinWin outcomes than WinLose dualistic, naturally competitive secularized rules and regulations are and were and have ever become between LeftBrain colonizing inquisitions confused with scriptural grace available for sale or rent by signing up in the WinLose salvation communion line to enter exclusive-elite RightWing dominion of PurityParadise yet still becoming Elder RightBrain WiseElder rooted secular/sacred transparent nature/spirit nondual-transmillennials-- sainted cooperative competing sinners, one and not-so-entirely-Green All. Polypathic time travelers health care advocates green ecofeminists restorative justice revolutionariy teachers of and for all Earth's health-wealth cooperative bilateral/bosonic DNA-transcribed secularLeft-sacred ElderRight bilateral binomial WinWin Epic ZeroZone NutritionalGaming Eco/TheoLogical MultiParadigms Polynomial WinWin information root-trends therapeutically heal Not(NotPolypathic) branching WinLose bullish tyrannies aggression of impatient LeftBrain dominance chronically emerging pathological EarthClimate overpopulating rabid monocultural militarized anti-matriarchal social-dialectal WinLose irrationally stuck in hellfire dissonance. Notice temporal media mediating your behind-the-public-veil spatial choice of indoor/outdoor voices, venue, wisdom for choosing RealTrust deep ecological learning lessons more than fake hate theological theoretical messages, anti-health choices anti-happiness sexist dialectals Patriarchal Heaven hopers for Universal Monoculturing Authorities, anti-happiness, anti-democratic so pro WinLose colonizing pleas for peace help, after all further irrationality, what else is Left but prayer that a loving God will not let Earth's climate fail as Rapture of HellFire, left timelessly dying behind and inside. Could we have sooner become rightfully RightBrain feeling such utterly hopeless lack of EgoIdentity power to force internal supremacist WinLose wills on a busy stiff-necked competitive species, WinLose infesting Earth: Herself natural Win optimization reforesting spiritual Win CoRelational wealth healthy multiculturing cooperative Species. Toilet twitterings are not RightBrain authorized hate crimes And could get your Ego convicted for Supremacism rather than sharing WinWin indicators convincing of our resilient future following better therapeutic opportunities democratic-voiced co-governing, co-investing, co-operative. Hate crimes include toilet twittering, playing violins, and harping about who should be locked up, who is the fairest nationalist of All, who should be/not be deported, and who's security/lack of secure international peace restoring clearance should be revoked/invoked while all roads provoke Rome, now the entire deforested and air polluted and soil-raped and water domestically hoarded Earth, Burning Flaming head-in-sand flagrant RightWing runaway pathological climate default, floods, storms into our last Great Transitional cooperative opportunity for a future global Green-patriotic Time. So, if you are a toilet twitterer, an online escape artist, and you are wondering if the health will of a multicultural people could ever be Hate or Predation or SuperElitist Win overpowering Democratic PositiveHealth Loser wrong, Only wrongly not heard, not listened to, ignored, distracted by egocentric anthro-culture elitist Earth-myopic lack of healthy hearing ecological wealthy opportunities for renewing relationships Not WinWin accessible from private royal inquisitional HateList thrones.
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