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Drained by my Thot Train
Drain away the pain that I feel Drain away the rain that’s real Frozen in fire of your desire Stay a while longer and admire The healing rain that drains away the pain, Nourishing the grains of His fruitful gain Refrain from driving me downright insane, Pain in my thought train-travelling brain Bring me comfort in these times of need Melt the ice of isolation within me, I plead I read through the world's blurred lines now Deny the lies and tenderize the truth somehow Somewhat fatigued, yet I lay restless in bed I try to ponder about positive times instead There are 101 reasons to believe, So give me one reason not to grieve You’ve given me scars in the past, Ex-lover of mine…hurting me so vast Relieve the tension and turmoil that makes monsoons in me Shed some sympathy symphonies in my ears as you please Innocence shuns out the rebellion of reality's demise You think me weak and unstable when, in my eyes, I am just a young, growing and glowing man With a future prize in mind – I can get it, I can I can be wise and give others wisdom, inspired by the merciful, kind Lord His word of Life is refreshing and abundant in all aspects of life in accord Never abhor anyone, even when you feel like it Love your enemies and neighbors as He sees fit He will make our darkness alit by the longest shot He got He will give us His character by spiritually active thought Be my radiant-like, rotating remedy Be my cherished, reversed tragedy The demise of our reality and its sulky sway Is only temporary until serenity comes our way Oh, don’t lose faith today Try to pray for relief's ray Notice, pain is brief…just know you are okay Dry the rain of grief…you need rest everyday Let the leaf of lament crumble and fade as I catch my thought train I’m grateful and glad that, tonight, I prayed away the painful rain Drown away the woeful sorrow, For there is another tomorrow Yesterday is an infinity miles away Drain all the negativity, that, I pray Make the gray lines white again Or make them as black as night I want to stop wondering where you been Since the day you left, not alright Dangerous dilemma daunt me with darksome devils, making my heart beat out of my chest Sometimes, shame embraces me, never leaving my mind that needs tranquility's reassuring rest Don’t sweep all your issues and left-unfound clues under the rug…under the rug… I am not an uncharted island, so desert me not and explore me with a surprise hug What about you keep me warm with your soft, flourishing gentility Your wretched pride dried up the grapes on the vine of vivacious vitality You understood where I assuredly stood in the woods, Where I plant seeds of sun-drenched plants and goods What about you keep my head up above the surface beneath the zealous sun? Your time to shine and ascend has finally begun Be jubilant and benevolent, trusting in the wisdom of the mind…draining away the bad in everyone and giving us fearless fun Drain away the pangs of pain that you feel, the strength of steel But, remain airborne with ascension's ardent, ambitious appeal Hatred – drain it all away Dread – turn it to light gray Go ahead…pray for remedy's rain to shine on you again It will surely pour our from clouds of slow-paced adrenaline Rinse away the rage I can’t help but feel… I feel the strange feeling, exceedingly unreal Many people think and assume that it’s no big deal I am on thin ice when I hide away in the watery cave like an eel Even written verse sounds louder than the tongue oddly enough…it is a labyrinthine reality or myth It’s a fortitude of silence, unfolding on paper till it is read aloud I’m having more and more sympathy for the people who are in pain…tough to deal and struggle with Lift me up above the drain, for I’ve been drained by my ongoing thought train, pleasuring pain Send my painful rain below and make happiness arise with no trace of vanity Help me catch my thought train and fulfill my fantasy by making it a reality Mend the unbearable tear…please retrain from out-running me in this race as if you’re insane I have in my thunderstorm heart of cold-hard stone Unravel the understanding in my head…all my pleas are underlined in red I know I am never alone, even when I’m on my own I am the snow on the TV screen, zig-zagging repeatedly in boredom dread I never seemed to be keen and clear in speech I’ve never been, even before His Word were seen His knowledge and self-control is what I beseech Reach out to me with auras of the grays in-between Because the grays will soon lean to the light (and it will reproduce release) If it leans to the darkness, I will put up a fight (for the blessed sake of peace)
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