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Earth For Sale
Sponsored by Lowest Bidders It interests me that Hiawatha, like Jesus of Nazareth before him, and Mahatma Gandhi after, taught WinWin cooperative peace by co-investing in ego/ecotherapeutic justice. Yet anti-Catholic anti-Muslim anti-Jewish anti-indigenous anti-First SacredNation anti-goodfaith-trusting-inclusive-extended-family-cooperativist Protestant reformists against Nature=Spirit green family values, now becoming supremacists of Original Orthodox Scriptural Truth and Sacred Spiritualized Beauty, back during the John Marshall Supreme Court, early 1800s, on through today's Court of NotSupreme NarrowMinded Majorities, cited, and still cite, Old School Papal Bull about just wars, originally distorting WinWin creation theology of Jesus's inconvenient Gospel LoveMessage. Instead, turning back to OldTestament blood sacrifices, self-justifying revenge Crusades, Jihad, Terror of one uninvited Tribe helping ourselves to SacredEarth's bounty of Loser Idolatrous Tribes deserving the capitalist enslavement so self-righteously inflicted by royal Pharisee princes of the not so truly Catholic community-- more Roman violently terrified and terrifying papal acts of inquisitional persuasion. So, today the anti-Catholic Protestant evangelists use Win/Lose tolerant, health and happiness suffocating, Papal Imprimatur Bulls to justify ongoing crusades against: WinWin sacred process theology, of Hiawatha and other messianic-bodhisattva WiseElders, Humane/divine natures of spiritually deep resonance Bilaterally learning dipolar co-arising co-operative Yang/Yin ecological systems on the Left AND sacred regenerative theology of polyculturally wide co-acclimating organic networks, And green polypathic health-wealth resilience, and ecopolitical cooperative trust-ownership, and polyphonic-healing ego/ecomanagement, compassion of all healthy, multiculturally wealthy, EarthTribes. This feels more like fundamental control hypocrisy, more non-scriptural patriarchal cherry-picking ad hoc theological history over cooperative herstory, and lack of integral HolySpiritual-natural experience advocating freedom for Truth and polycultural grace of humaneLeft/divineRight love consciousness. The Original Christ Message that God is LeftBrain subjectively defined as RightBrain health objectives for multiculturing SpaceTime regenerative 4D resonant Real NutritionTime for resiliently timeless co-arising Love-- CoOperating CoPassionate CoPresence restoring healthy Revolutionary CoPeace, inside as outside climates for healthy/wealth WinWin nondualistic cooperative co-ownership for restoring justice to reforest freely fertile freedoms no-sale preaching perfect peace, instead.
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