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MathGeek Passions
Healthy nutrition research starts with wealth producing past searches, individual through community co-investments in good and fragrant meals, or even harmonic and graceful music with dance performances. Ingesting healthy passions consumes PositivEnergy wealth for future co-productive system projections. My evidence for future health ingesting action curiously arrives through past BadFaith mistrust transference growing grace of cooperative GoodNews trust in mutual WinWin LeftBrain deductive Truth with RightBrain inductive Beauty, unfolding symmetry of health with wealth co-invested, historical with cultural synergy of ZeroZone DNA ingested health Groupings building bilateral-polynomial maturing wealth systems, nutritionally fertile polycultures, recycling games for outdoor RNA with indoor DNA double-binding entertainment. Most of my victims' eyes glaze over when I try to feed out bleed out my cooperative health-intended bilateral-bicameral passion story about theoretical GroupMath Zero-Soul metric 4D RealTime polynomial-polypathic systems of language unfolding cooperative restoring therapeutic WinWin GoldenRule Game Choices, ZeroZone nutritional opportunities for cosmic PositivEnergy healthy climate trend balance with notnot NegativEntropy. I can bi-polar see and feel this glazing trend against me with horror that I have lost them and They have lost my HereNow passion, Anxiety anxiously irrational dissonance not WinWin listening to each other's Truth and Beauty healthy metric issues, rational mutual-wealth passion stories, cooperating rather than competing Either "Well, that's not so special" Or "Wait til you listen to me, we, Us! more carefully, inclusively, polyculturally, not monoculturally xenophobic" Fixing this co-acclimating creolizing glitch cannot involve further competing with cooperatively-owned outside climate entertainments, golden opportunities to watch the grass grow rather than the inside paint to dry, and shadowish RightBrain terrors about irrational WinLose global resolutions against healthy personal WinWin transient choices. GoodFaith group metric systems rooted in ZeroZone health-wealth co-passions for Truth with symmetric-septic Beauty long to predict rational Future HealthSearch WinWin ego/eco scenarios deviating from ClosedSystem non-elite paranoid terror, claustrophobic overpopulated underaired hellfire panic, cognitive-affective glazed eye dissonance Monoculturally too-robust ego climate pathologies glaze against ecological/theological outdoor/indoor above as below internal hate-mongering obsessions headed toward ZeroZone self-loathing ego-eco bilateral nihilism depression, NegativEnergy metaphysical Group AntiTheory entropy-- YinShadow ZeroZone, absence of well-fed bilateral co-acclimation, as past original diametric dualdark point or future health-systemic intent. For my Group PolyPathic Organic System, bilateral differences co-invite similarities between singing and internal dancing, between anthems of economic and politically empowering cooperation and bicameral actions for ecological resilience, between NonZero-Sum WinWin TruthMath and graceful WinWin GameBeauty, LieGroup Systems compete between LeftBrain +1 deductive centers and RightBrain notnot ZeroZone inductive co-arisings of Ancient Rational Lights, between ecological psychology and bilateral ego-communication theory eco-transporting passions, between ecology and bicameral humane/divine theology, between my secular HumanityGroup and our sacred divine GreenGraced Ego/EcoTherapist Avocations, between LeftBrain Passion and RightBrain EcoCreation, between Creator and WinWin ReCreation, all become glazed over ZeroZone cooperative health issues for secular discernment authority with sacred responsibility for inviting WinWin resonant resolutions of and with and for NonZeroSum WiseElder maturation through Open Whole-Holonic Systemic Nature/Spirit Consciousness, Ego-EcoTherapeutic Practice, Group HealthCare Consuming-Producing binomial-co-lateral Rational WealthPolicies, polyphonic Green Governing Procedures-- sacred RightBrain's Time within full-octaved speed of polycultural health-wealth light. Golden Climate Rules played Tit for Tat, This AND That, That AND This Truth for not all cause not all effect symmetric interdependent KarmaBeauty, WinWin choices for notpast-notfuture competing to cooperate revolutioning-devolutioning ego-eco logical balancing norms reiterating capital-infested BusinessAsUsual retributive climate pathology, glazing stereophonic eyes missing secular/sacred risks to NonZero Sum futurehealth opportunities to practice practice practice bilateral consciousness of Left with grace-filling sacred Right. Ego +1 polynomial consciousness eco-therapeutically equivalent with knot-squared, double-binding co-acclimations notLeft-notSacredRight Both/And Ego/Eco DNA/RNA fractal ultra-violet dualdark light-squared notnot yinyin WinWin ZeroZones of and for bilateral health-wealth co-passions, polyculturally nutritious DNA restoration trends ego-eco green vocations for WiseElder double-fractal Systems DNA health with RNA seasonal light/wealth organic energy Group Systemic WinWin development. I could passionately reiterate more, storm through past glazed eye impatient mysteries pushing polycultural spinoffs, endless irrationally repeating NonZero NonViolent NonViolet NonPrime OctaveRelationship toward Earth's 4-season developmental ZeroZone calculating health restoring Group Justice, practicing symmetric balance of compassionate revivals and paradise creation story group re-enactments, Yet already even my competing oppositional eyes glaze over searching LeftBrain Wonder with RightBrain bilateral sacred ZeroZone Awe. Where dreams witness dualdark violent glazed over nightmares and healthy climate meals prepared by dancing matriarchal new dawns restoring ZeroSoul peace passions Light +1 with DualDark notnot Zero Group BiNomial Systems of co-revolving bilateral conscious Time.
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