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Tune Within Your Conscience Self Perception
Yesterday's gone, overcome & chose to live as if every day's the last. Make every second count. It's true not one thought can be replaced. Look ahead & embrace tomorrow. Hold strong within, steady yourself in conviction so you'll always rise above the ashes of restless shadows. Bonds of unity cement lives together in fashions of trust. Grab hold God's gift & cherish those you love. Throw complacency to the dirt. We grow thru trials of pain & tribulations to become stronger in character with conviction. Freely give, expecting no refund. Truly understand strength within endures us to persist one's self with true morals & greatness. Admit mistakes & learn each lesson. Be pure in heart its where your soul resides, glimpse the mirror, eye's are portal's into the soul. See yourself as others do and always keep an open mind so that your never lose sight of the reality of what completes one`s own character. Keep an honest opinion about yourself. Never betray your perception of what's true within. Be confident that you are being witnessed by those around you as well as being observed by the infinite universe. Collect as many memories as you can hold. Rebel against that which deceives itself as well as you and others. Always maintain a loyal heart. Never give way to false pride, for it will eventually catch up to you and will eternally bring you down. Create an environment that pulses in great harmony and tunes itself to a honorable value system. Remain in the core of reality. And `please` no matter what the cause do not lie to yourself. Believe that which you think is unattainable can be within your reach and achieved if you take the time to consider all sources and all interpretations of what it controls. Consume a education of all things that are useful (or not). For it will in turn give you a honest voice to the facts and lead you with a reliable ability to communicate on all levels. Alleviate your character defects and harness your abilities. Achieve a realm with justice, compassion, and truth. Be the one who is above the constraints of a closed mind. Open the third eye and observe enlightenment. Vibrations consist of ecstasy and nastiness in constant waves. Chose to reverberate a delicate connoting of achievement, awareness, and hyper-consciousness throughout the course of time. Expel those whom mislead you in life, and those intended on demoralizing and destroying your integrity. Surround all of yourself (mind, body, and soul) complete with happiness, as so others compare you, and your life as the best of all aspiration quotes. Remember to s (laugh) at the little things. Incorporate a unbelievable connection to the divine, whether it be light or dark. For one does not exist and cannot exist without each other. My goodness is derived from my darkness. Oblivious to the concept of hatred. Hatred is only felt after the fear and pain, then misguided outward when in reality it actually is an inward feeling towards one`s self first and foremost. Most cannot conceive this concept of self loathing, as for me I used `hatred` to open my mind to what I felt was undesirable about myself to change. it is simply a word used in poetic and lyrical content to describe a negative emotion. I chose to love the world and all its inhabitants. Nature is nurture in its most natural form. Tread with dignity so then no one can never question your reputation. Change what needs to be different. Correct the red check-marked errors in your way. Deliver, decide, develop, and devour everything that makes life enjoyable and chose not degradation and deterioration. And do not deviate from the path your on. Form your own opinion and listen to advise from your intuition. Do not second guess yourself cause the second is not your initial thought. Behold, believe, beastialify your life with conceptual practice. You chose the road, walk down the path, and head in the direction that most satisfies your soul. Eventually all will lift the veil and reveal itself in it`s true. Consistently conscience, always aware, and continually lucid within my dreams. Even though we sleep, we`re always awake. Forever revolving from the 3 forms of consciousness reality, the dreaming state, the awakening from sleep state, and life when awake state. All is well inside my intentions.
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