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In My AlphaTown
In our wildly indigenous western town we have a notorious Ancient GoodWitch. Like GrandMother Moon, she seems to emerge with a new, yet old, community healing process about once a FullMoon month. I heard she would like to co-facilitate a Future HealthWealth Community research project using a STAR green-economy WinWin development process for 2.5 days, or weeks, or months, or years, or millennia, whichever our town Republicans care to co-invest in long-term healthy-wealth, both secular left and sacred FireCircle right. This was among GoodWitch's most notoriously green offers inviting mutually gratuitous co-investments through a co-facilitation contract to pay eco-loving life forward From and with for and of all residents of GoodWitch's un-privileged and privileged and in-between WinLose longing for WinWinning healthy communal community. She teaches a Sacred Ecology class using Bucky Fuller's synergetic ZeroZone inside-outside Alpha-(0)Mega breathing in and breathing out womblike dualdark shadow Bubbles yin-predicating OpenLiving fractally developing regenerative systems ecodanced at her GoodWitch CoOperative Spiraling EcoSchool Wednesday evenings after vespers at the Permaculture ZeroZone Cafe. So, I figured I would catch her for an interview right after class, regarding her latest Left with Right cooperative brainstem brainstorm. Tonight's topic is a discussion of Beck and Cowan's spinal Spiral Dynamics. Fortunately she has already four-dimensionally spiraled and spun her WinWin web through Beige automatons, like cooperative bees and ants and bacteria, and Purple matriarchal organic egg-nurturers, and was just about to finish Red patriarchal anthrocentric absolutists remain reactionary zealots pursuing violent survival technologies for short-term building LeftBrain universal empires ruled by perpetual bully-pulpit EitherWin/OrLose bullshit Taught at RealEstate Business Development Schools as nakedly exploitive WinLose evolutionary economics and personal Either/Or egoprivileged politics against healthy-wealth of Earth's ecopolitical cooperative green reforesting revolution. Moving on to Blue, more of a young adult awareness of notnot Lose inside as also notnot Win eco-outside bilateral time-shadow valley spaces recovering bicameral double-binding mindbodies still too often seduced by WildWest Red's WinLose universal absolutistic structures both patriarchal dominant hierarchical and matriarchal unprivileged reverse forward to cooperatively WinWin Blue re-unhierarchical way back through Purple and Beige innocently hatched NewBorns. Now, if we can get through maturing Orange and Green, then the last WiseElder bilateral pairing of Sacred Historical Octaves are penultimate YellowYang with unitarian Turquoise YinTegrity resolving ultra-violet holonic healing AnimaMundi under Her creation story timespace root system for and of MotherTrees speaking in Ancient GoodWitch nutritional voices. So, Orange is patriarchal egocentric Here and Now in Western dominating ecopolitical structures. Inducing polycultural cooperative thinking is chaotically multiplistic yet new-patriarchal/matriarchal WinWin technological ContinuousQualityImprovement strategic. Remaining competitive BusinessAsUsual hierarchical structures increasingly delegate autonomous responsibility without RealTime longterm community health-wealth authority of cooperative ownership and reverse-hierarchical management. Matriarchal Greens are prime relational ZeroZone cohorts of health-wealth ecotherapists like (0)Mega Good Witches and Wizards and not so much like colonizing vampire bats and parasitic pirate ego-starlings. Green cooperatively invests with Red self-privileged to share health care with those ZeroZone prime relationally under-privileged, yang-oppressed, scorched by FatherSun. Secular/Sacred Green deep learning ZeroSum ecopolitical bilateral-binomial structures are also bicamerally egalitarian using Prime Zero Relational consensual polypathic-left with matriarchal polyphonic-right organic polycultural health-wealth strategic together WinWin longterm ununprivileged DNA-confluent Gaming/Spiraling health/wealth outcomes. Our (0)Mega WiseElder HealthCare Agenda derives from YellowUracil Ego/Eco systemic bicameral LeftYang health structures with TurquoiseCytosine resonating ultra-violet holistic octaves double-bound dipolar integrity polystructures emerging from bosonic ZeroZone integrity. But, basically, these are refinements of Green beloved GoodWitches and Wizards, yin-flowing karmic grace parents and teachers and yang-sacred ecological love preachers, If I must speak as a matriotic community theologian understudying understoried ununprivileged community cooperative health care giving and receiving with ego-eco bicamerally co-investing politicians. Eventually I had a chance to ask GoodWitch what she is up to now with her Ancient FutureSearch offer. As predicted, she said her only unprivileged agenda is green forward, restoring Turquoise Ego/EcoJustice reweaving PositivEnergy Yang/Yin Democracy. I returned home wondering how to spiral all that into a resonant sound-bite.
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