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The value of her name is fading, Oh mother Ghana, mother of beauty and richness. Every sector in her government is creating hopelessness. A place attained from the sweat of passed souls within nationalism and confidence, Today has appeared in darkness. Showcasing old treasures with new born acts made out of badness, The satisfaction of personal worthiness, through systematic plan of present and future actions. Breeding mediocrity from hidden sections, We`ve lost good times. Yeah, those time when everything was in good lines, Is it change of oneness to diversified crimes? Why all this mother Ghana? And perhaps is this mother Ghana of Africa? The answer needs to be inquired, Since we are left in troubled night, Thinking, the morning would have given what we required, Our hearts and thought are set on brutal rite, All that we see comes to steal our might, The patience keeps milking leaders to mature into vampires, Dwellers of vainglorious empires, Sucking blood of mother Ghana, weakening the integrations of solidarity. Hope can`t be seen in our eyes, The state of mind is lost from equality, Just because political parties keep blessing our days with fat lies, Nothing positive do the children of mother Ghana adhere to, All because, enlightenment is something we don`t acknowledge. But jump to catch up the statement made by politicians wishing for coup, That`s when they give us a treat to give us limited courage. The implication has brought about senseless clue, Whilst we understand there`s no one carrying favorable rule. Corruption is now a pestilence, Introducing into our settlement no benevolence. Where are those generations and seasons full of liberality and togetherness? Oh mother Ghana, oh mother Ghana...... The acknowledgement of international investment has only equipped us with sentences framed out of ignorance, Knowing well that it`s based on our refusal to conform to unitary alliance. Better than shame, almost everyone sleeps on greed. To have his or name in fame. Let`s count this to be a vain need, Politics has harmed the power of mother Ghana to be inactive, Piercing its strongholds with conceptions of false identity, tribal war, misconception, stereotyping, and denial on fellow native, And above all, murdering the country`s day-light with an explosive selfish incentive. To which the arms of government are now the stars, jeopardizing the course of individuality. In accordance to laid down rules pinned to unwilling ethics as an accessory to poverty. Tactically, it`s leading bit by bit the nation to suicide, genocide and homicide. In order to win the intelligence filled in the strength of patriots to make them backslide, Those are the maneuvered schemes held by politicians to dim the ideologies ordered at right side. Someone should tell me if they don`t know this about MOTHER GHANA? The screaming here narrates the scenes of joblessness, hopelessness and instability, Wounding the whole being of mother Ghana as a country. Composed upon separations by which most Ghanaians are now enslaved globally, Under the obsession of digging golds in the white men lands, to eradicate hunger sensations precisely. Narratively, the story of mother Ghana comes with convictions beyond imaginable intent, Out of unconcerned, we push away all that brings the commitment to mindfully handle the threats of terrorism, drugs, trafficking and maritime criminality upon malcontent. Leading the youth of today to be enticed to behaviors which blemishes the respect of mother Ghana, making it incompetent. Oh mother Ghana, Yeah mother Ghana, mother of natural beauty beyond compare. The tears that our motherland sheds, Keeps dropping on own heads. So indeed, we`ve got to console her heart of what she`d lost, With vision and hardworking that at the end we`ll be qualified to boast. Productively, we`ve got to make everything fine in unity and love, For the name of this country to stand out again as in relation to the strength we now have. The land is fertile and to GOD alone do we seek in this life. PEACE be unto all, since we`ve chose to achieve this as we strive. “GHANA IS BLESSED”
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