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Yellow winged angel
I. He was patient very-very with child's tenderness in eyes yellow winged angel's unwary, He was living quiet in skies. Without disputes, without roughness, without want to weep and moan, He was dreaming among heartless building cloud castles alone. He was waking up with dawning, He was smiling gazing down, His green eye was squinting wanting to be liked in feathered gown with the birds flied by with singing, with the distant running clouds, with the inks and pages and being of the pen. And there's no doubts ruddy cheeks of his were sunny, It was playing of the sun, Secret light was kind and funny from his fire and it was fun. II. He was fine and he was stately, But he had his yellow wings, Other angels envied greatly with their miserable sins. “How you dare to have that feather with the ochre? Tell us why?” They were frowned without the reason, Tongue of rumor's sharp and dry. Some were saying to him straightly, Someone whispered by his back, "Be like others", it was badly, He was like in jail that's black. He became to sigh with sorrow, Fire burned in frail heart, Gloomy mime of sad tomorrow, Wings were weak, and it was hard To spread wings since this bad moment, He was looking for some rest In saint places he had torment Standing cruel pain and angst. III. Everything was just like usual, The was the sun and the was the moon, God had known about confusion. Noise has covered his room. Cherubs, Seraph and the other, And the Lord didn't break the laws: "Come out, yellow winged brother, You should say, I'm wrong, of course, look in face of angel's army, Hold your temper and your pride, Hide your feather that is sunny, You are wrong and it's all right!" Angel wept, his tears were bitter: "All my thoughts are pure and clean, I'm not guilty with my glitter." Like in autumn (it was mean) Maple leaves - feathers were falling near Almighty's gorgeous feet. No one wished to cry in longing, But the clouds were having need. And they cried in puddles, really, Angel made his soundless shout, God was angry, willy-nilly He had driven servants out. IV. Being kind to His child God embraced this angel tight: "Do not cry, do not be wild, I didn't want that silly fight, I expected peace and glory, Unity, but all is done, No more pain, I'm really sorry, Yellow angel, like the sun light of wings of yours is given for my grey hairs, for my rest, You're unhappy, you're like demon among them, but you're my best. Leave my place for time, no power to ease burden of your hell, Lose your burden right this hour, I am blessing you, farewell!" V. Yellow angel left the garden without doubts, oh, Paradise! Not alive, not dead, unburdened He found hell gates with his eyes. He had told to Hades story of his former life and woe. "Take this room (and do not worry) Six, six, six, I have to go", - said the Fiend, - "good night, my yellow brother. I must keep the fire of hell. Take this place, my dear fellow, I'll back later. So, be well." VI. But among the fiends and fire Angel's rest was not so long, Smiling hell with wicked prayer stood and ugly laughed, and song of their hundreds hooves in horseshoes scraped the bones with metal sound, How to sleep? How lose the conscience? There was only blame around. Table, iron bed and talking by his back, and living dust covered curtains, evil mocking left no choice, and the outcast wanted to behold his feather almost losing their skin. He was patient - not some teaser, It was not enough, and spleen pointed in his icon, really, with their dirty fingers, yeah, Beat or not to beat, how silly, They didn't stop, it wasn't fair. It is like a seal was broken And there was a voice of hell: "Apocalypse! I'm awoken, Back your rooms and do not tell!" All the breed had caught the silence, But they whispered any way, Curtain fell with moral violence, Yellow angel flew away through the window. He was throwing golden feathers from the Hight, Fiends rejected "brother" knowing Yellow angel, you're not right. VII. Now he's guest in world of mortal, Autumn reigned in their mind, Bunches of rowan hanged like portal for the blood of trees in night. Lazy lifeless rain was falling Grumbling like an old-old man, Angel hid his wings with dawning, He got lost in crowd. Oh, damn, No one cared that he was yellow: you and we, and those, and these, Angel walked so free and mellow not looking around in peace. He was not begetting malice, And he thought "why do I run" He wasn't calling to repentance or to sin. There was the sun. Glitter of grey puddles-mirrors wasn't showing yellow view, Wind was singing in his ears, fondling curls and eyelashes too. VIII. All has changed somehow and sharply among ditches these are overgrown, The sun came out boldly, heartly, seeing angel, now he's known. Star was smiling to its fellow, then it smiled once for us, Star dawned on the wings these are yellow in that hour on that grass. And there is no awful weather, People smile, and people shout: 'Gift us feather", - they're together hungering happiness throughout. Their hands stretch and they are greedy, Secret's open, and they mock over feathered, there's no pity, No salvation, but there's shock. Angel's torn not knowing really how to hide and how to leave, He is shamed of awkward feeling, The Lord's way's unknown, believe, to us all, the angel's breathing barely, he's exhausted. And God beheld that men are teasing, God gave sign, the angel's sent on the planet without creatures, Let it be. He chose his path. There's no life, there are no features, it is smaller than some else. It is dwarf, it can't be taller, And, of course, it's really cold, But who cares that angel's colour is containing precious gold. IX. Earth was left, there were no chances to find his so secret roads, He is fine there, there's no fences, He's alone with his great thoughts. But sighing wearily he's impassive, only feathers - maple leaves fall from the sky that is massive, And there's nothing more beneath. The end
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