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BirdSong Memorials
What is your earliest memory of sacred birdsong voices? How is this memory the same and different than your internal intimate Sacred EarthMother's Song? Of sacred gospel and secular gossip differentiating WinWin GoodNews from WinLose we could go either way more discerning and hesitant strains, and LoseLose siren screeches, slaps, rapes, domestic tensions, secular depressions diminishing keys of synaptic revolutionary anthems against all WinWin possible sacred resolutions. Gospel prayers to restore well-sung justice over LeftBrain Yang v. Yin punishing suppression polyphonic of sustained successful YangEgo Voices without YinCoOperative EcoHarmonic healthy-wealth birdsong harmonic memories External WinWin dissonantly seeded voices of internal LoseLose spirits matriarchal-- YangLeft cawing and nest-stealing against inside Yin SacredVoices for Integrity internally harmonic Ego YangBird pathological through ecotherapeutic nested health-wealth climates notnot pathological within as yin-squared light without within Without raising your hand to ask if I can ask your family and neighbors an unraised hand question about my birdsong memories. Especially when RightBrain repressed and matriotically suppressed love of green sacred patriotic ecology, and depressed LeftBrain toxic WinLose, Either Right divine light or LeftistWrong adolescent WinLose speaking and listening only in inside self-nuclear family WinLose EitherOr fundamentalistic voices, not recalling outside WinWin sacred birdsong boundary experiences or even dramatically unable to insert comparisons within birdsong restorative remini-senses. Now and then, or even each religious morning and each enculturing evening, we might healthier cooperative remember integrating gospel songs with outdoor birdflight WinWin anthems best sung by strange birds in the loser back cages of our ecoschool classrooms, still bicamerally trying to fit WinWin birdsong in as anti-LoseLose ego/eco restoring polyphonic justice Singing inside grace green-gospel integrity of sacred matriarchal birdsong wombs in and outside school-based cages. Remembering our WinWin past flight freedoms reweaving our WinLose co-present not really deep learning predicament resiliently absorbing our LoseLose pathological futures without remembering to water our WinWin DNA with RNA past forest flight memories, sacred paradise born of reforesting MotherTree Root WinEgo/WinEco natureYang with spiritYin WinWin restoration of birdsong's healing justice Ego co-arising eco co-gravitating, breathing in left-silent birdsong and out birdflight right again.
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