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Cooperative Pirate School
Students conservative of body-health care invest as necessary in bowing and submitting subservience to orthodox heterosexual vampirate mentors, fundamentalist badnews evangelicals sucking on pre-meditated rapture of Heavenly bloodsucking EarthNatures. To meet conservative RightWing LeftBrain patriarchal student membership classroom requirements of monoculturing monopolistic indoor health-safety classrooms, research circles grant and otherwise enculture incubate feed and water co-invest in most desirably vamping healthy nature-spirits with most polyphonic eco-predator integrity Positive with notnot NegativEnergy post-millennial therapeutic eco-reverse of vampiratic therapeutic healing classrooms Restoring PositivEnergy ecojustice status of vampirate transubstantiating bodhisattvas notnot capital-blood hoarding through LeftMind winning and RightSpirit sacred losing with nature/body LeftYang Supremacist binomially unbalanced bilateral voices co-arising Nature speaking with MatriarchalSpirit, more than Toxic-Devolutionary PatriarchalNature against SacredYin HealthyMind FlowingWealth NotNot LifeBlood sucking vampiratic NegativEnergy Tabloid competitions in FakeNews BadNews Gossip Fascinations with YangEnforcer RetributiveJustice PreDuctivist OneSided Dualistic MonoCultural LeftBrain Dominant MisEducation. Absence of Beautiful and True Red Lifeblood Giving information steals from eco-challenged outdoor homeless residents co-investing in our lifehealth-hoarding RedBull McMansions for further parasitic vampiratic behaviors, personally theologically oppressive of NegativEnergy nonbelievers atheists and anti-theists are economic atheist hoarding instead of sacred ecological EarthStewards against political vampiration classroom competitions for the bully-pulpit teacher's desk with loudest YangDominant LeftBrain microphone droning WinLose evolutionary devilutionary dialects and geometric fractal ZeroZone tongues of co-ecstatic YangYin worship For healthcare taking and grabbing and sucking and victim ducking and shooting and blowing up and sending off to learn war and post-climatic stress, oiled and automated gunfire blood-letting chronic WinLose dissonance as also classrooms of notnot reverse-healthcare co-vampiratic potential WinWins appositionally reverse of LoseLose monoculturing bloodthirsty NegativEnergy Co-Operative Green ownership of co-invested vampiratic WinLose pasts invites WinWin giving love within sacred ecological Left secular reverse trans-vampiratic theological RedBlood Grace as RNA GreenNatured cooperative love as brightly bought C-YinSquared WinWin Yang speed of YinYin-light. Contemporary eco-vampiratic bicameral politics, Yang v Yin egopractice of ecologically overcrowding unconscious business, deep sacred green learning cooperative co-arising nondual meditations Confronting vampiratic secular green-nature historical bodies with sacred redblood for internal spirit lights co-empathic health-rescuing and resonant DNA with ElderRNA ego/ecosystemic re-memories salvifically resilient and resonantly Green-Red holonic polypathic spectrals polyphonic octaves polynomially transparent-bilateral ZeroZone notnot polynomial dualdark EarthTribe four-season reasoned enlightenment ecology. NotNot vampiratic reverse-temporal historic mythic co-empathic RightBrain speechless minds remind of horror isn't healthy. Vampiratic dualdark ecosmological messages with sacred ecological healthy climate subtexts media large capitalist WinLose NorthWestern population percentage looking for a plausible vampiratic lie-group for LeftBrain dominant conversations WestYang over submissive victim SouthEastern Yin vampiratic challenged victims in RightBrain pain of WinLose normalcy dissonantly everyday in ego-anthrocentric NorthWestern therapy Inside LoseLose vampiratic evolving suppressive teacher voices of secular reason WinLeft to lose TransVampiratic Terrible Sacred ElderRight arts and crafts and music and class clown entertainments vamping demonic fake-terror memories inducing real nightmares of relentlessly violent LoseLose co-vampiratic reverse notnot anti-ecological self-engorging economic and political and personal absence of LeftYang with RightYin health care Investing in co-arising healthlove instead as having GoldenRule received orthodox DNA with RNA Green STEAM vocational deep learning health-wealth skills in reverse vampiratic planting and co-harvesting WinWin cooperative RedBlood co-investing in secular-nature with sacred-spirit co-arising green STEAM outdoor classrooms for deep learning LoseLose-yin reverse WinWin Yang RedBlood DNA-invested 4D Cytosine-squared polyphonic PositivEnergy classroom Green outdoor-indoor double-binding vampirate PositivePositive climates of and for healthy wealth democratic research, design, and EarthTribe CoOperative CoInvestment. Vampirate PositiveStudents conservative of DNA supported body-health care invest as historically necessary in bowing and gratefully submitting to divinely Green RNA eco-partnerships for orthodox polycultural health education, outdoors as indoors, above as below NorthYang as SouthYin BiLateral Flow of 4D sacred ecological RealTime ZeroZones notnot WinWin trans-vampiratic sacred-organically RedBlooded Green eco-centric. .
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