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Self explanatory is the title, Of what my view is.... About you.. I am exhausted.. Of the endless thoughts.. That seem wild though... With nothing else but.. Sincere love as the reason behind... Though i try to quit... Telling my brain it's an impossibility, And there's no need of endless thoughts... That are exhausted over nothing, But in the end of it all, You are still on my mind... Alwaysn in the domain.... I wonder why? Addiction or false love? Though we are friends.. To me we are fake friends.. Though not in that perspective.. But in the heartfelt view.. My heartfelt towards you.. Is not worth our friendship... I wish it was possible.. For you to drain in my mind and heart.. Take a look at the thoughts and heartfelts.. I have for you. It is then that you would believe... That you are a thought driver to me... Allow me speak facts.... You are cute,sweet,hot and one of a kind... That every lucky guy around... Would wish to have as a soulmate... I sincerely admit.. And have not any words... Beyond that... If i'm to go beyond... Silent tears are what i shall possess.. At the bottom of my heart... Simply because in the end of it all.. I know am not the lucky guy.. Yet with a heartfelt view of you.. Always part and partial of me.. Memories to last for a life time.. Full of sorrowful thoughts... With no one to turn them down.. Dieing with internal emotions and feelings.. Being ellapsed within me.. Yet with a cause behind.. That would turn them down... And that's nothiing else... Other than you.. Allow me say my heartfelt.. I am sure you also realize.. That i have an emotional point of view about you.. Though it may seem hard to prove to you... And at most because that chance... That would offer me opportunity to prove to you.. To some extent... Seems a never to be thing... I'm sure you've engaged with mob dudes.. And i'm sure you've played with some of them.. The romantic game. That you also understand best.. How it was? You have the best answer... And please keep it to yourself... However regardless of the pleasures... Or the sorrows that you incurred... Just from the love shit... I can't judge.. Wherever you go... Am sure fail not to get a dude.. Approaching you.. In request for love.. With lust or true love as the reason behind.. Your response.. Is what is best known to you.. Some have had good moments with you, Some have felt you to the fullest... And others are yet to... As a matter of fact.... That's part of nature... I can't take control of your feelings.. However if given a chance to.. I wouldn't deny that capacity.. Of having your emotions.. Under my control.. However in the good aspect... I am just ill minded.. Because of all the shit.. That i keep imagining of you.. You are classic i know.. I admit you know more... Probably i'm not the first one... To make such a tell.. Right? Answer yourself.. Let's quit this staff.. That seems gone on my side.. Cause it's been a long time... With thoughts driven by you.. I think it's high time for me to quit.. Cause i feel i'm a dead virtual lover.. I would rather quit than live a dead love.. I don't know what it costs.. For one to win your heart portion... Should i call it classicism.. Wanting dudes with that fame staff.. Celebrities and kind of public figures.. Or the rich guys... Mention it.. Your personality towards love.. Or someone's heartfelt towards you.. Is what i'm yet to understand.. I shall keep the scars to myself.. No need of looking for cure.. Yet the immediate cure is no one else.. But you and only you.. I better die this way.. Pretending as though nothing occured.. Your lover,your day maker,your driller... Your someone to share a heartfelt with... I care less... Keep it to yourself.. As far as am not in the dirty romantic game.. Though i'm jealous.. I feel it's better.. Pretending as though i know nothing... Though my reality.. Is full of virtual tears.. Felt by me and myself only... Right at the bottom of my heart.. Ahhh!!! I feel exhausted... I think i need to format my brain... About anything that regards you... If at all i need not to be emotionally bankrupt... Though it seems an impossibility.. I shall try my best... May be with time... I shall become an emotional defiant.. As if knowing nothing.. About the past unhealing scars... Don't quote me wrong... Am not condeming you.. Due to the ungiven love... That was expected from you.. But in vain.. Am just trying to be myself... Because i feel it's enough... In case of a change... I probably think it can.. But not possible... If it's not by your will... Full capacity... To make a choice.. Be it bad or good Is what lies in your hands.. Let me not oppose nature.. Whether you please me or not... All i wish you is the best... Though that's a sorrowful well wish... However regardless of the choices you make.. I DON'T GIVE A DAMN... Keep your animal to yourself... CHICS ARE MOB... AND REMEMBER,EVEN ILL MINDED PEOPLE DESERVE LOVE.... However,for me... That's not the case... THAT IS MY POINT BLANK POETRY ABOUT YOU!!!! ILL MIND.... Dedicated to; ISHIKANWA RUTH Written by; Reagan Musore
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