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Here goes my heartfelt vow.... From day to day.... I am full of thoughts.. That are as a result.. Of my passion towards some chic.. Wishing i heard her as my soulmate.. So i can make a vow.. That is true and meant to last for a life time.. Till death seperates... Am emotionally bankrupt.. Simply because i have a feeling.. That there is no other chic around.. That can satisfy my feelings... To me,she's one of a kind.. Worth sharing my heartfelt with.. And feel the pleasure to it's fullest... Of having a soulmate.. To share my portions with.. Be it good or bad... Though we ain't engaged.. I can't die with thoughts.. Only to myself.. I have to imagine like... Me and you were one.. And just end up writing this piece... It's to me the best way.. I can express my heartfelt towards you... Regardless of the strings between us... Perceive it wrong or right, That's the real truth.. From the bottom of my heart.. You are worth making a life time vow with... I admit... I don't know you that much... But the truth is that.. Even if you were the worst... In different aspects.. Seeing you in that point of view... Is an impossibility to me.. Cause my heartfelt towards you.. Gives a picture of you.. That seems original and pure.. Should i call it blind love? Not sure.. Your lifestyle to me.. Is one of the best.. Possessed by a few people... And most probably the lucky ones.. However the luckiest guy.. Is one that shall have you... As a soul mate... And at most a mother of his kids... I can't imagine... Regardless of what destiny has for me... In terms of who my soulmate shall be.. Having a soulmate of your kind.. Is what my prayer remains... Regardless of the differences between us.. Be it in terms of hobbies and dreams... That brings not even a little limit.. To the feelings and heartfelt i have for you.. The love i have for you... Is one of a kind.. That has it's limit as the sky.. I stil remain the same... You are some kind of classic chic, I sincerely admit.. No words can describe you enough.. It would be an endless heartfelt novel.. If at all written.. If a romantic movie... It would have endless series.. Writing the scripts.. Would continue endlessly... Through endless generations... To no limit probably.. Your besties are many, Tough to tell who you love.. Or who has true love.. Be it the chics or dudes.. I admit... I don't know... What your thoughts towards me are... But mine are these.. From a sincere heartfelt.. In this piece of writing... I keep wishing.. If i am ever meant to have a soulmate.. Let her not be far from your personality... Just one of a kind like you.. Your lifestyle at most.. Luscious lips,luminous eyes,the looks,the smile,non complex figure... The boobs,the thighs...stress free(full swing) whenever i see them.. Picturing the act... The sexy look.. The assets... Tough to explain...the originality.. And the sweetness... That you seem to possess... Even by your looks.. Lucky is that guy.. That had you or shall have you... In the real love scenes... In the emotional movements... Of carressement and endless romantic touches.. Feeling you to the fullest.. If i go beyond here,i may seem dirty.. Whenever i think of this, I wish i was the lucky one.. Is the only thought i have in my brain... Having the sweet moments... I can't imagine.. A dream come true moment.. Is what i call this... To be sincere,i love you.. Though it may seem tough to explain... My feelings in words only.. If i was given that chance.. By no one else but you.. To explore your emotions.. May be,it's then that you would admit... That my emotions towards you are sincere.. Trust me..I love you... I am quite sure that you also realize that... Even with unspoken words... And probably no actions... I am sure you also realze that... I love you.. And probably wild thoughts.. Are what i possess in your presence.. However with true love as the reason behind.. I know dudes that have had crushes on you... Are probably of a big number.. And are still yet to come... Some tell you their hearfelts while others keep to themselves.. Some have sipped you while others have not... Some have drilled you whille others have not... Endless incidences.. Be it the unforgettable love moments or the heart breaks.. Best known by you.. I feel frustrated whenever i analyse this.. Wondering why nature made us meet.. Knowing that i would have a deep heartfelt for you.. Yet end up with nothing... I feel heartbroken... Anyway.. Just spending high school with you besides.. And maybe afterwards.. Shall always leave behind unforgettable moments.. At the bottom of my heart.. The silly talks,the smiles,the jokes,the funny staff,the shared stories and dreams,mention it.. I shall live to remember... As a classmate I don't know what your dreams are... Be it in terms of your life destiny... Or even the love staff.. The kind of husband you dream of getting married to, I mean making a family.. Even if you are not destined to be mine... I just wish you the best... To no limit.. May your dreams come to pass.. And trust me sweet heart.. You shall remain "ONE OF A KIND" Worth life time rememberance... Though i may get not your love in return... My request is that... Atleast always remember me as someone special... Wish you the best... That was my "HEARTFELT VOW' LOVE YOU... Dedicated to; ONE OF A KIND(MUHOZA EMERANCE) Written by; Reagan Musore
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